Psoriatic Arthritis Medication

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I have has PSA since 2005/6, it affects all my joints especially my spine. I am currently on MTX injections and Humira, max dose etoricoxib plus either tramadol or co-dydramol. I have tries infliximab but it didn't work, etanercept made me feel so dreadful I couldn't take it. Now after just over a year humira is not working. My Consultant says that there are no other options which is deeply depressing. Her only suggestion was to increase the MTX to try to support the humira and to take humira weekly. That doesn't seem to be doing much good. I am just feeling a little despondant at the moment - what happens if the drugs don't work?


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    Hi KT
    The thought of running out of treatment options is scary and I can understand that you're feeling down at the moment.
    New biologic drugs are becoming available or in the research stages so keep asking your rheumy what else she is able to prescribe for you if your current regime doesn't work well.
    We are here for the bad days so if you want to talk things through with us do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes