A wee rant.

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I just wanted to rant some where, sorry lol.

I'm Laura, I'll be 23 on Thursday and I have R.A.

I've had R.A. since I was 20 and although my latest blood test showed that the humira, methotrexate and sulfasalazine have worked dramatically, I still get sore and it's pretty annoying.

I've not had a moan in months but yesterday I went to chase my little cat for biting the big cat and I hurt my ankle and today it's sore. Nothing major but it just reminds me of the extreme pain that I was once in 24/7 and it's a bit saddening to be honest.

I also have to do my injection of humira today, it's a great drug but it seems so strange that I need to inject my self every fortnight just to lead a normal life. There is so many people out there the same age as me and they just take their mobility for granted, it's pretty annoying.

It's also pretty weird that I hate my injection yet I have 18 piercings lol.
Anyways sorry for clogging up the board here just needed to rant to people that completely understand.
Hope you're all well
Take care


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    hi, i'm not as young as you, i'm 35, so old i guess!
    any way i have a few peircing's, not as many as i had when i was your age though! but i get annoyed that when i got my lip pierced nearly a year ago it wouldn't heal. i was on mtx and i think that may of had something to do with it, but my husband got his done a few weeks after me and it healed perfectly, no swelling or anything.
    as for injecting yourself, i don't at the moment because i came of the mtx due to side effects but i would much rather have a piercing than do the injection. a piercing you can show off, an injection you can't!
    i also get annoyed, or maybe jealous of other people, they have no mobility problems, but they moan about a headache, hmm, if only they could have our pains for a day?!
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    I stopped getting piercings when I started MTX and now I'm on Humira aswell I've totally just decided that I shouldn't even try considering I'm vulnerable to infects quite badly and it takes some time for me to heal. I got infected ingrowing hairs on my legs from shaving and now I'm left with little round scars, I blame the MTX for that cause they were quite badly infected and took ages using antibiotic cream on them till they went away

    Thankfully all my piercings have been fine but if one gets infected I'll have to take it out and go to the doctor :(, thankfully I've had them for years so they are fully healed.

    I hate it when the nurses say "how come you have all those piercings yet you don't like injections or blood tests?"... difference between them is that a piercer numbs your skin before hand lol and piercings are shiny, injections are just sore but necessary lol
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    Hi Perfectlypericed,

    Rant away thats what we are here for.

    I'm nearly your age lol i'll be 22 in a couple of weeks and have had arthritis since i was 15. I know what you mean about the injections and blood test. i inject MTX once a week and Enbrel twice a week, but if that's what it takes to keep me well i know i need to put up with it. Doesn't mean i need to like it though lol.

    The percings sound wicked. I have to admit i'm a big wimp and have only ever had me ears done :oops:
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    Agreed, there are a lot of people out there who take their health and freedom of choice for granted and they are not just your age groups girls! It happens in all age groups. My mother gets :mrgreen: when she see's another `grey hairer' striding past her window without a care in the world and clearly they have never been really physically challenged. she's now in her 70's and has lived with arthur for about 35 years now.
    If you are very sensative to having injections, there is an `anesthetic gel' available that you can get from your chemist by asking them to order it for you - it will kill the pain as when you had your piercings. xxxx
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    hi I am around about ur age (24) im with you on this one, have u got any plans for more peircings? they soound pretty good, I have only got a few. anyhoo I hope everythin gets sorted for you.
    Kirsty xxxxx