Scotland: Joint Potential 2010 (for 16-25s with arthritis)

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Joint Potential is a programme of FREE events for young adults aged 16-25 with arthritis living in Scotland:

In 2010 we have the following events:
5-7 March 2010: Moving up and moving on (Glasgow)
One of our hotel-based discussion workshops, Moving up and moving on is an exciting new workshop for Joint Potential. As with our other workshops, it's taken at a relaxed pace and will be fun as well as thought-provoking. We'll look at how we face the challenges of taking on 'adult life'; how we cope with (or resist!) change, how to use life experiences positively, and at how we sometimes become desensitised to difficult situations. Plus there's goal-setting to help us better face the future. As well as the chat, we'll probably go bowling (be warned, some people can get very competitive about this...).
The weekend is from Fri eve to Sun lunchtime and there are 10-12 places; if you fancy coming along, book your place.

13-15 August 2010: Activity weekend at Lagganlia
(Bus transport will be provided from Glasgow, leaving 6pm Fri eve and returning for 6pm Sun eve, with pick-ups/drop offs at Stirling and Perth).
The activities we do are decided by the group and the Lagganlia instructors; last year these included Canoeing/Kayaking, Gorge walking - the favourite activity of 2009! - and archery. It's all taken at a pace to suit everyone there, and is lots of fun - plus we'll have a campfire in the evening. Filling up fast, so book your place now! (14 places)

22-24 October 2010: Positive Future workshop (Dundee or Perth, tbc)
Another hotel-based discussion workshop, Positive Future looks at living with arthritis and what you can change. We share the challenges and frustrations but also think about different approaches to situations; what we value in others and thinking more positively about ourselves; practice assertiveness skills; and set goals we'd like to achieve. You'll leave with more confidence about yourself and the future (and probably a good few email addresses of the other people there!).
This weekend runs from Fri eve to Sun lunchtime and there are 10-12 places; if you fancy coming along, book your place.

These weekends are all FREE, including accommodation AND you can reclaim your travel expenses if you wish: and everyone who’s come along so far wants to come back for more :D

If you’ve not been before one of our Joint Potential contacts will get in touch so you'll know someone before the weekend runs and know more about what they’re like. If you’re still not sure and want to more, just get in touch and we’ll get back to you.

Bye for now,

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    One of the best step for human benefits. I most like the programme of 22-24 October. This type of seminar is needed for the people like us who are disappointed and frustrated with life and its value. It will inspire us to stand up and works with a new spirit. I wish for the success of every programme arrange by this team.
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    Is there anything like that for people living in England? It sounds wonderful :-D
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    Hi Sophie :)

    Looking forward to the younger peoples courses for Katie. Is there another in the pipeline... the last one clashed with her Amble last year...