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Hello helpline!

I read the good news':D' that tocilizumab has been approved in Scotland by the SMC for people with RA where other treatments, including other anti TNFs, have not been effective and the disease remains active/ severe.

It does not mention in the press release whether this drug will be available for PsA patients? I wondered if you knew? I am on my second anti TNF, Humira, in combo with Mtx but the PsA is not under control now and my rheumatologist is considering whether to change it.':roll:'

Would be useful to know whether tocilizumab would be an option before I see the rheumy in March. thanks, Iris x


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    Hello Iris
    It would seem that, unfortunately,Tocilizumab is only going to be an option for RA.
    You say you are on your second anti-TNF so if Humira does not control your Psoriatic you should be offered the third one.
    Best wishes
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    Thanks Val!
    I know the likelihood for me is a change to rituximab, but from what I know that's not considered a very effective biologic treatment for PsA.

    I thought (hoped) if tocilizumab was an available alternative for PsA then I would ask for that! ':mrgreen:'

    As you know, I'll be running out of options after three anti-TNFs so wanted to make the best choices.

    Thanks as always to the helpline team.':!:' Iris x