unwanted e-mails!!

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when I order anything over the internet I use a web-based free email address, so that if I get any unwanted emails they will get screened out by their spam filters, which I have to say they are very good at doing.

I must admit that this year I have begun to receive a lot of similar emails to yours (some with subject lines that certainly make me blush :oops: :oops: ) but the service I use has a button to report spam, and the senders then get banned.

Can you not report these emails as spam with your email provider?

I must admit that my personal email address is carefully guarded as to who I give it to - this seems to be working as I have never had a spam email that I know of - but my ISP is very good at screening spam too.

You do well not to open anything you are unsure of. I stupidly opened an email in the spam folder yesterday accidentally & it tried to download a virus. Fortunately my anti-virus caught it and stopped it, but I did feel rather stupid having known not to do that! :roll: :roll: :roll:

sorry not to be more help, but I guess when Joseph (living Legend) or rehab see your thread they will have some sensible suggestions for how you might get rid of them.



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    Hello Lynn
    It is annoying to get emails,post when you send off for something.
    I usually leave the boxes unticked where they ask if you want other companies sending you literature.

    Mind you, I do notice lots of brochures amongst my mail these days. I get phone calls aswell. Yesterday the phone rang and I was stupid enough to answer it because it was an 081 no.
    "We are happy to announce that you have won a holiday to...."
    I then just put the phone down. American voice.
    I had not gone in for any competitions to win a holiday. That phone call has probably costs us money
    I did enter one competition to win a motorised orthopaedic bed, one which tilts, sits you up. Well, I didn't win it, but I was receiving phone calls, 2 or 3 a day from the company saying that they would let me have one at half price, Gosh, were they trying to sell me one because I had taken an interest in one.

    Going back to Amazon though, they are very good as a rule. I get a lot of things from them

    Hope it calms down for you It's not nice receiving things like that.

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    Hi Lynn best have a word with livinglegend, oh can I just ask though what e mail system do you use is it outlook express??,
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    Hi Lynn,We used to get loads of spam emails, some really raunchy ones. :roll: We now have a spamfighter filter so any spam emails are automatically deleted.Before the filter,every time we went away on holiday we came home to over 150 spam emails so decided we had to do something about it. Breane.
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    There is a free program called Spamfighter which is recommended as it integrates with all the major email clients, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. While there is a pro version, try the free version and it should be OK to clean up your emails. Info at: http://www.spamfighter.com/Product_Info.asp

    Googlemail.com cleans spam up nicely. But, you have to register, or have, a free googlemail account. It won't clean any other accounts though.

    Been poorly for a bit, had a flareup. Still going.

    Joseph 8)
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    ......now I know what to do with all my Viagra offers ...good thread this and it's the blokes sorting the women out .....all I can say is 'thanks fellas'.

    XX Legs
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    Depending on who your provided is you should have an option to mark the mails as phishing. Your provide will then automatically delete them before putting them in your inbox.
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    Just send your bills in the post - thanks all!!!! :D

    Lynn xxxx
    If we have to send you bills then you really can't afford us.

    Joseph 8)