Steroid Injections

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Hi,This morning I had my first steroid injection for painful shoulders and my Gp said it should give me relief for 4-6 weeks.However,I forgot to ask him how many times can you have this type of injection in a year.Also,is there less side effects with the injection rather than tablet form? Thank you. Breane.


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    Hi Breane
    If the injection was directly into your shoulder joint then there is usually as maximum of three times altogether into that joint.
    If this was a systemic injection i.e. into your leg or bottom, there isn't really a limit to the number of times you can have it done.
    However, although injections tend to cause less side effects than long term tablets, if you were to have a lot of them, say every few weeks for years, you might get some side effects. Your GP will keep a record of how many you have.
    Best wishes