Arthritis or wear and tear

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I have been to see my GP today and I am totally confused. :?

Two weeks ago I was told by a consultant at the hospital that I had Arthritis in my lower spine through wear and tear and that i was to see my GP in 2 weeks for a referral for physio. since then i have been having pain in my neck and shoulders my neck also clicks when i move it. I saw my GP and he just said it's wear and tear :oops:

I explained what I had been told by the hospital but he said I was "one of the millions with mechanical wear and tear" when i told him about my neck he just said "thats a different thing" he was not interested at all he didnt even examine me. :!:
he gave me a sicknote with backache written on and when i said it was embarrassing having time off for backache he said "they dont need to know as long as my name is on it" I presume he meant my employer.

so now I am even more confused :? and embarrassed sending in a sick note for backache. sorry for going on,
Thanks for listening


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    marg your gp does not sound to good is there another you could see. did he sort physio for you. if you have seen consultant did they give you and meds?. and tell you what to expect they do seem to have left you hanging sorry for this try different gp or go back and ask for more information . good luck val
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    Hi Val
    The consultant told me to see my GP to arrange physio didnt give me any meds but i did have painkillers given to me by a consultant i had seen before at A&E, my GP said the hospital should have made the referral for physio and not him, but he did say he would do it :oops:
    I dont understand how 1 doctor says it is arthritis and another says it is just wear and tear, I wish i knew!!!
    I will go back before i return to work as i need to be signed off before i go back and i will ask to see a different GP.
    Thank you
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    Hi Marg

    Try not to stress about it as stress will make your pain worse. Even though it sounds like both doctors are saying different things, they are not. Wear and Tear is an old term for Osteoarthritis. It means there is wear and tear in your cartilage inbetween the joints which is exactly what OA is. It may help you understand things better if you have a look at our booklet on the website:
    Particularly the one called Living with Osteoarthritis. If you would like us to send you an information pack just email, or PM us with you postal address or feel free to give us a call.
    I hope that helps to clarify things for you.
    Best wishes