Why? Oh! Why?

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Why do people kill their children?

This is something I just cannot comprehend, many years ago I had the opportunity to abandon my daughter and live a life in America.

I said NO!

These poor babies that have been found in a car, in suitcases! they are the age of my grandsons, I am sorry but no matter how ill you are mentally - nothing can forgive you for the murder of these two innocent lives. No matter who did it - I hope they rot in hell!!

Sorry but I had to say it

If I am moderated then so be it.



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    Hi Linda,

    I agree with you - I do not know how anyone can leave or harm their children, especially a mother. How a parent could look at a child knowing what harm they were going to do them is beyond belief.

    Pheebs x
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    how can any one hurt a child. they might drive you mad but you love them . is it to stop the father having them ???????. i do not understand any one who can do this. if you can not carry on then you find some where safe for the children
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    Thank you,

    You can take them to a supermarket, to a church, to a park,

    But NOBODY, NOBODY, should EVER take the life of a child

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    I am all ways sickened by these people who do this. Everyday there is more and more sickening things going on. JOANNE :cry:
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    I hope you don't mind me pointing something out .....

    It's just that whilst I can agree that I think it is desperately sad when such things happen

    I can also understand a person getting so ill and so desperate that they might not be able to think in the way that those outside the situation may be able to.

    sometimes life can appear so desperate, and people can doubt themselves, their worth, and those around them so much, and despair can overtake people.

    No-one can ever know what really goes on in someone's head at such crisis points, but I can understand just how desperately a person can feel when they see no way up from the depths of despair.

    I wish no-one would ever feel that desperate, and that we could show some compassion to those who feel their life is collapsing around them.
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    I guess she has totaly lost her mind, but I know what you mean, it really gets to me when one parent kills their kids just to get back at the other one, if I ever split up with my old dutch no matter how messy the split was I would never ever murder my nipper, children are totally innocent and should never be viewed as just possessions. God it's a mad world these day's make me want to weep when this kind of thing happens. :cry:
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    I'm totally with Wonky on this .....anyone who kills their child has not got a logical mind, they are not sane, they are ill and whatever their reasons for doing it they probably do it with the best of intentions and can even think they're doing the child/children a favour. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    It makes no sense to us or for the poor, poor children :(

    Luv Legs :|
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    I'm with Wonky Legs and Mell too

    She may have been so very very out of her mind that she beleived that she was ruining their lives and they would be better off not here. I have no idea whether this lady was mentally disturbed, but mental ill-health is a minefiled.

    The poor little souls.

    I just hope they are somewhere better now.

    So very very sad.

    Toni :cry:
  • angel1
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    I have had to stop looking at the photo of the two little angels, with their arms around each other. It breaks my heart.

    I truly believe, however, that the mother is deserving of our compassion. No mother, in her right mind, would do what she, supposedly, did. Until we have walked in someone else`s shoes, we can`t judge.....Ange.