Hi new person here im 32 i have subtalar arthritis

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Just wanted to say hello, i have subtalar arthritis
i was born with it did not develop till i was 15, i did not find out
i had it till i was 30.I Became a chef within that time but continue to
deal with it.Im looking at having the joint fused is there anyone that has had it done look forward to the replys? Thanks mike


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    Hi Mike! welcome to this friendly forum..

    I don't have subtalar arthritis so can't offer any advice on that subject.

    I did have a left wrist fusion last year and have not regretted having that done...made a huge difference to level of pain and use of the arm/hand. Am getting total wrist replacement (other wrist) this year.

    There'll be other peeps along to chat with you who may have same arther as you and be able to share their experience and views.

    You could post on the 'living with arthritis' section...might get more answers to your question there?

    look forward to seeing you around the forum! Irisx
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    Hi Mike,

    Welcome :P

    I have RA and have had fusion on two left toes and must admit although I still get pain it is so much better than it was and do not regret having the operation. They think I may need big toe fused on the right foot in the future and can honestly say I would go ahead with it if it gets that bad.

    How are you finding working as a chef? Standing all day? Also how are your wrists? What bones are you having fused?

    It seems like they prefer to do fusion when the person is young rather than joint replacement.

    Keeps us posted xxxxxxxx

  • mikegooner
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    Hi eve,

    Thank you for the message, it is good to hear that the Op does help with the pain. I tried the steroid injection, but it did not make a difference, then they recommened injecting something into the nerve, but I am waiting to hear back about that once that's done I seriously thinking about getting the bone fused, it is the ankle bone they would fuse.

    It has been difficult working as a chef and has worsened over the years, but I have learnt how to deal with it.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hello and welcome!

    Can't help you any - I have two different inflammatory arthritic conditions - but just wanted to say hello, come aboard!


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