Hi new person here im 32 i have subtalar arthritis

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Just wanted to say hello, i have subtalar arthritis
i was born with it did not develop till i was 15, i did not find out
i had it till i was 30.I Became a chef within that time but continue to
deal with it.Im looking at having the joint fused is there anyone that has had it done look forward to the replys? Thanks mike


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    what is subtaler arthritis ?

    is in in the foot ?

    cardiff city fan here, how is our boy ramsey playing ?
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    Sorry cant help you....in fact what is it LOL
    I just came on to say welcome to the madhouse
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    Hi Mike
    welcome to the site, hope you will find it helpful. There is usually someone around who will have a similar problem. I have not personally had this procedure, but when a joint is fused it is stabilised by fixing it to an adjacent joint and hence it no longer should cause you any pain. Good luck with your surgery, I hope it all goes well.
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    Is this anything to do with the subtaylar joint.I have a problem with mine and have recently had an x ray.I am waiting for results but not yet been contacted,
    I get a load of pain in my left foot and sometimes cannot walk on it especially if i have done a lot of walking the day before and also get pain at night which keeps me awake.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Mike i too had to look this up,anyway i had arthrodesis or subtalar fusion done on my left ankle back in 1996 after suffering greatly with pain and inability to walk on it and had no further problems apart from the odd twinge now and again.
    here's a link to what it involves if your interested http://www.wheelessonline.com/ortho/subtalar_fusion
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    Thanks Fester,

    I posted about subtalar joint a while back. This is a good site so thanks but a bit technical!
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    Hi Mike

    just wanted to welcome you to this great site!! everyone is so supportive and friendly.

    I didn't know what it was either so I looked it up too :oops:

    Doesn't sound much fun :(

    Hope to see you around

    Toni xx

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