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I got one of these a while back and although i thought it would be useful to have tests and health monitored i didnt go ahead. i wasnt thinking of the big brother database side of it but what they would do with blood taken. They can grow alsorts nowadays and i got a sort of horror in my mind bit like frankinstein!! and thought nope!


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    Taking part in research is always voluntary - you don't have to say yes.
    I don't know what this current project is that ARC is involved in but I'm sure they would be happy to give you information on it.
    This link to their website might answer a few general questions on research
    Best wishes
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    Hi del

    Not sure about any link to ARC but I received a letter from Bio Bank last year and after reading all the info, regarding their research, aims, individual confidentialy etc, etc. I did feel it was a worthwhile thing to do.
    It cost me nothing more than an afternoon of my time and travel expenses were reimbursed. Do make the decision you feel happy with, but I certainly had no worries or regrets in attending.
    If anyone wants more info as to what the visit entailed, do send me a pm.