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Hi, yesterday I went for a private consult, as I couldnt get an appt at my usual clinic, I am booked inf or March, but needed some help with pain and swelling. After being told by the secretary no chance, she suggested I call nurses, waited 2 weeks for reply.
So, as you can see, I have had enough!!
The private rheumy suggested that I wasnt being treated aggressively enough with just 15mg mtx and tramadol. He said he would use hydroxy, mtx, and sulfa, also start on pred 30mg to begin and slowly reduce.
As they know I have a physical job he cant understand why they didnt do this. He did a full exam, and thinks that the RA is now probably in my spine too. He was surprised that I have not had my meds looked at as its been since July and no change.
Anyway, he will write to my GP with recommendations.
Also later that afternoon I finally received a call from the nurses to say that she had been waiting for a reply from the consultant, and is now going to book me into an "overbook" slot, so should receive a letter soon. Hooray!! but stilll not happpy its taken so long, and will complain to PALS about this. At least I can tell them what I was told, and hope to get the meds changed. The private consultant said that if they refuse to do this that I must ask for a letter explaining their reasons for not not giving me other meds, as damage is continuing to joints while RA is not being controlled. So, heres hoping!!


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    I'm pleased to hear that things are moving for you now Jay just need some results from it all. :)

    Luv Legs :D
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    I hope the letter and the appointment come through very quickly for you, Jay. You have waited far too long and they should be seeing you as a priority now.

    As Legs said, at least you have got things moving, let's hope you get some results very soon.


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