Recommendations alternative therapies, foods etc!!!!

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I'm getting so fed up of well-meaning people telling me what I should eat or do to cure my arthritis.
If I ate and drank everything I was told I'm sure I would be morbidly obese if not poisoned.
Doing all the other things like exercises, visiting practitioners in far flung areas of the world and having alternative therapies would cost me a fortune and completely take over my life.
The only suggestion that appeals to me is a trip to the Dead Sea but can't afford it. Apparently the German gverrsion of the NHS pays for arfur patients to go there.
The latest is a book my daughter sent me. To be fair she hadn't read it but ordered it to be sent directly to me.
It assured me I would be cured if I took regular colonic irrigations, whirlpool baths in peanut oil, and gave up eating and drinking just about everything that makes life worth living.
I'd rather have the arfur!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hi Maud

    I saw a programme on tv, about this lady whose consultant told her to take a dip in the Dead Sea, she said he told her it would help with the pain.

    Well she went there and took several dips in ther also she went to the spars where they use the mud, as this is supposed to be very good for you.

    On the programme she said the pain went after she had been there, now it had come back and she wanted to get the money to go again.

    If you look, I asked the Helpline team. They said that several of them had gone and it made no difference to the pain.

    I think I wrote it at the beginning of the this week. I called it Dead Sea.

    Take care

    Trish xx
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    I know nothing works but wouldn't mind a free trip to the Dead Sea,
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    rehab44 wrote:
    Me too :D

    The Dead Sea is the ideal place for you, Rehab!
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    rehab44 wrote:
    Me too :D

    me to perhaps the next cruise should take us there lol
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    I wouldn't mind bobby around in it, as least we cannot drown :D
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    Might not be a cure, I'd like to go just for the experience. Anything that makes you feel good is a must for me.
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    I think I mentioned this on another thread. I have been to the Dead Sea and it is an experience. However, no-one warned me that you shouldn't stay in for longer than 5-10 mins. Myself and another lady were happily chatting and floating and then both of us got funny looks on our faces. We were stinging and nipping in places that don't normally see the light of day.

    It took about 3 showers to get the salt off my body.

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    A couple of years ago I visited a lady (free) and she pulled at my fingers, stretched them and I felt immediate relief and afterwards I walked down the stairs faster and free of pain.I was well for a bout six weeks. She usually charged around £50 and is based about 15 miles from my house so I havent been back but I often wonder if it was luck, a one off or coincidence.I am sure she realised something as the effect was immediate and everybody commented on how well I was walking!
    Best wishes