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Does anyone live alone? Those of you who have no help around the house how do you manage? Just with simple things like cleaning and hoovering? I have a cylinder hoover and my shoulders get really sore after I hoover, normally the next day, its after I hoover the carpet when I do the laminate floor its ok but lately I feel Ive become so lazy, I used to go right through every day now I cant even be bothered to wash a cup. I used to decorate but now I just cant be bothered. My house is a mess! Does anyone else get like this?


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    hi yes know where you r coming from i live with three men lol (two twenty somethings) they do a lot more these days but still do not get that the hoover does not put its self around dishes do not wash them selves clothes do not jump on and off the line and food does not fetch its self lol. i am lucky the meds i am on r working so not to bad but some days working for 4 hours is all i can manage so its take away lol and dishes wait till morning i hoover once a week used to be every day and as for decorating . as i have always done everything they r having trouble getting there heads around the fact i can not do what i used to . but any one who does not like it can do it them selves i know what i can and can not do so take it from there. there r days when i feel usless and a failer but then i remind my self there are 4 of us living here so they can do it lol
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    Oh wendy, bless you

    I am so with you on this one. I live alone too, fortunately in a one bedroomed box and am lucky enough to still be managing PT work.
    BUT Trinny and Susannah would have a field day here. Get in from work too exhausted to do much and days off are spent sleeping and recovering ready for the next stint. Housework done in the short bursts I can manage as and when.
    My little garden has been sadly neglected for so long I was glad of all the snow that covered it and can't afford for some one to help.
    Have to time myself to do no more than 15 mins in the summer as I know the hips and knees will pay me back big time if I do more.
    I don't get visitors and am sure it is not as bad as I fear but it does get me down to think the house may be a mess sometimes.
    However I have learnt that a little dust doesn't hurt anyone, that as long as you have something to eat and something clean to wear the ironing can wait, and I have made friends with my spiders. :?
    Your health is more important than a little dust, rest if you need too.
    I do.
    Best wishes, take care
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    I live alone and find doing housework a nightmare. I have my mum help on bed changing days. I've changed my hoover to one that you wear like a handbag and I have laminate flooring and find mopping very difficult so I'm going to get a steam mop. I do what I can on a good ! day but I listen to my body cos if I don't I'm likely to be unable to do anything for days after. I afraid ironing is a nonstarter can't lift the iron nevermind use it. You can only do your best , I love someone to do it for me but not an option fortunately my friends and family come to vist me not the flat. Fay
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    delboy wrote:
    Housework, that's what wimmin are for. icon_hidesbehindsofa.gif

    had noticed in this house lol
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    Hi, I live with my hubby who is very good, he cannot change quilt covers, he usually ends up in them!! my answer was to hire a cleaner who does bigger jobs for me including quilt covers, they come n once a fortnight, I wouldn't be without them love Jaspercatxx

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