I'd just love this!

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Having had a R TKR in October and finding that it just kicked off all my RA etc I think I'd just long for this on my L TKR


Let's hope they filter it through to the NHS

One size certainly doesn't fit all when it coms to a NHS knee replacement.

Cherry xx


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    Sorry it sounds as though you had a bad experience, but thank for this really interesting link. Looks a really positive move forward and will hopefully soon be available for everyone.
    take care
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    Interesting article, sounds like it could be useful for my wife if i can ever persuade her to have her left knee replaced. After her right knee replacement failed (failed it did'nt even take off her op was only august last year and she had problems before she left hospital in my opinion) and being told by her consultant he may do a revision in 12 months.
    Now she struggling on crutches and cries nearly every day because of the pain and swelling and having to watch me try and do housework,cooking etc when i'm feeling knackered for want of a better word. I just don't know what to do, what with my own condition being what it is and fear of my ib/esa check due any time now...God i'm off again,sorry i'm just so full of anger,resentment etc i just want to cry myself.

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