Newbie here.

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Hi folks :D

I am new around here and new to Osteoarthritis.

It all started last July when my right knee felt a bit creaky but after 4 or 5 steps it was ok. One day it didnt stop aching and while walking from one building to another something popped in the back of my knee :shock: I went to A&E and was diagnosed with arthritis and given some pain killers and told if it didn't go away to see my own Dr's - well it didn't so off I went. She thought I had a ruptured crutiate and sent me to see the knee specialist. He has just confirmed Acute Osteoarthritis!

The popping in my knee was a bakers cyst bursting hence the pain and inability to walk. Seems this has been coming on for about 10 years - I am still a bit confused why I didn't know about it :?: I have always lead an active life and loved to walk on coastal pathways.

It has all come as a bit of a shock to me and making the adjustments to my lifestyle is hard. The realisation that this is as good as it will get was a real downer.

I did try to research Acute Osteoarthritis on the net but not much came up - seems it isn't as common as I thought!

Going from able bodied to limping and in constant pain and being unable to walk very far or very quickly is the worst. My knee is unstable and I have fallen - skinned me ruddy good knee! - but now walking much slower and concentrate on what I am walking on I feel a bit more in control of that area. Oh yes! I have a varicose vein on my bad knee and falling onto that caused phlebitis!! Now that is painful

Looking forward to finding out what is what and coping strategies. I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow so will start the round of whatevers from there.

Thanks for staying with me - see you round the boards. :roll:




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    Hi Mags
    Welcome to the forum.You will learn lots of coping strategies on here.Also come and have a laugh/debate or moan, let rip if you need or whatever.......
    There are lots of fellow OA sufferers to talk to so hope we can be of help.

    Take care
    Never be bullied into silence.
    Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
    Accept no ones definition of your life

    Define yourself........

    Harvey Fierstein
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    Hi Mags Welcome to this friendy forum, I found it in november and have not look back,
    I also have OA , like yourself I was very active, it is hard, but with the support of others on here I am getting there.
    Ask all the questions you want...have a moan... and have a laugh.
    You take care
    Love Barbara xx
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    Hi Mags

    Just wanted to add a welcome here, but sorry you had to find us. I have the dodgy hip and knees too but am now used to the limp! Do hope your appointment goes well with the doc. tomorrow and that you get some questions answered and some support. Do post any questions, people will help if they can or send a hug if they can't.
    take care
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    Hi Magnolia,

    Can't add much but wanted to send you a warm welcome :)

    Love xxxxxx

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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    This time last year I never envisaged myself having to change my lifestyle so much. My knowledge of OA was limited and the only thing I knew about it was it came on slowly. I now know different :roll:
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    Hi Magnolia!
    a warm welcome from me too!
    having arther as an unwelcome and persistent guest takes quite a bit of getting used too...but you'll find lots of support from the peeps on the forum for the good and the not so good days.....and being able to talk with others who really understand makes a world of difference!

    good luck with your appointment today! let us know how you get on too.. Iris x