Had my Rheumy Appointment.

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I hope everyone is having a relatively pain free day! :)

Well i had my first appointment with my Rheumy and he wants me to go for anew x-ray,Mri and an ultra-sound.

The nurse took 7 viles of blood from me and wrapped 2 in silver foil straight away.
Whats all that about?

I was abit disappointed as my doc had filled me with hope that this bloke would be able to give me a diagnosis straight away but i told her in all the people i have seen it has never been like that.

Anyway all i can do is wait for tests and results and go from there.

Best wishes.


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    Hi Heather!
    glad you had your rheummy appointment! he sounds very thorough, and although you don't have a diagnosis yet at least you're on the right track!
    did they give you a follow up appointment or will you have to wait until the test results, mri etc are done?

    don't know about the 'silver foil' tubes but maybe someone else will.
    anyway, glad that you've been seen.... be patient...can take time to get a diagnosis, but as long as you are getting pain relief? and proper advice that's the main thing just now. Iris x

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