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Hi all,
Haven't been on for a while and have been reading about some of your problems ... I really don't know how some of you cope. I've been so sick of the whole damned thing for some time I've been like a hermit BUT .. wanted to tell you - hope you don't mind me putting this in this section, it just might make you smile when, like me, you don't feel like it.

Another brainless antic (you might remember me washing my hair, as Jeannie) Well, here's another one!


It seems it’s been so very long since I felt the will to laugh,
But yesterday I had to, ‘cos I made a dreadful gaff.
To have a wash, to do the hair, to dry and then to dress
Becomes a pain, a nuiscance, and it adds to all the stress.

The weather it was freezing and we got into the car
To trail down to the clinic, but it isn’t very far.
I get there in good time before the hour that’s on the card,
And sit there in the waiting room - oh god the chairs are hard!

The place was nearly empty, but we checked in at the door
And plonked oursleves in spaces where we’d often sat before.
The lady from the desk came in and, in a worried way,
Questioned that the Bio nurse had said to come today.

Yes, said I, with bold aplomb, my card there in my fist.
She peered at it, and shook her head - I quickly got the jist!
“Was just about to ‘phone him and ask him to come in”
I hid my face, went very red - I recognised my sin!

Get out through the back, I thought, I’ll never live this down.
She simply said “Don’t worry” and ignored my worried frown.
I stared down at the writing which told me clear and plain
On March the twenty ninth, my dear, we’ll see you here again! :oops:

Wonder if I'll remember!


  • dorcas
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    Hey Do!

    thanks for making me smile! we need a lot more happy moments so keep them coming! Iris x
  • jordan7j
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    ha! ha! so glad its not just me!!! very good poem, youre really clever!!!
  • rosyred
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    opps.. I do things like that also lol

    I went to the docs at wrong time well 4 hrs to late as i had anotehr appointment card and just glanced at it ..

    Smile were worth it xxx
  • bertyboy
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    oh i like your words xx
    i think you are not the only one to get things wrong xxx
  • suncatcher
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    Ive gone to my appointment two days late. so im glad it is not just me who has done this loved your poem from joanne

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