Mtx and tummy troubles...advice please

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Hi all,

I have been on mtx for about 6 months now and currently on 15mg (along with prednisolone daily).

I have IBS and have been struggling with my tum in general (more than the norm) since going on mtx but was just about keeping the wheels on until I went onto 15 mg.

Lets just say about 7 hours after taking mtx ones tummy wages war no matter where i am...if you catch my drift. Then takes a couple of days to regain control.

Now taking lansoprazole, mebeverine and buscopan every day to help keep things under control (and imodium at the ever ready!!) but I am fast losing patience and the will to pop the pills...

I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems and if asking my rhuemy about the mtx jab and whether this might be better.

Your help, advice and experiences would be much appreciated.




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    Hi plugg can't help you on this but I would imagine there is someone on here who can help, the only thing I ever had trouble with was Diclofenac, I use to get terrible diarrha with the stuff after using them for around 7 months.
    It seems quite slow on here at the moment not sure why so if you need some fast advice I would call the help line :wink:
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    Hi Plugg, I used to take MXT 20mg tablets, it caused me great problems with my tummy, understand about the Imodium tablets, it also made me really sick, the gp put me on Lansoprazole but it didn't help. Finally it was suggested that I try the injections, while a bit worried about it I tried them, I still feel sick but on the whole much better, suggest you ask your Rheumy nurse about it, hope this helps love Jaspercatxx
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    Thanks both.

    I seem to be having a bit of a rum deal with the meds. Hrydroxy what not no good. Diclofenac equals the trots. Arcoxia equals ulcer and now mtx....

    Am trying to get off the steroids too but each time we try and reduce the wheels fall off.

    At least the painkillers give me a warm hug....!!!:-)

    Jaspercat, do you do the jabs yourself or do you have to get the docs to do them? If you do them yourself, could I get some-one to do them for me? Not a lover of jabs you see but am willing to try anything really.

    Thanks both for taking the time to respond.

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    HI Plugg,

    sorry you are having a time of it with the MTX & tummy problems.

    I have been there too ... used to take the tablets but they did no good and also made me really ill. The change to injections for me worked in two ways - better control of arthritis and less of the side effects, although I have to admit that the tummy problems do rear their heads every now and again.

    I take co-codamol for the pain and find that they do help with the tummy probs too ...... :wink:

    as for the injections .... I had to go to the hospital every week for a year, and then I did them myself for about 2 years but lost the battle with needle phobia after that. My GP surgery is very understanding and the practice nurse does my weekly injection for me. If she is away then my GP does it for me. Not everywhere will do this, I understand, but it is worth asking!

    good luck!
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    I changed from the tablets to the injections and find they make me a lot less sick for sure. I do the injections myself as I could'nt be doing with having to attend a hospital every week just to get an injection. At least this way, I have control over things. Hope you can find something that suits you better. I also have anti sickness tablets given to me by my GP which I take for 4-5 days too.
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    Hi plugg,

    Sorry to hear you are having a bad time with the meds. I also have IBS and most meds don't seem to agree with me so far. I have been refusing methotrexate and leflunomide and must admit that hearing these meds affect tummy doesn't exactly thrill me.

    I don't like jabs either and could certainly not administer them myself so don't blame you at all for wanting someone to do it.

    When I went home to Chile to visit family the GP there prescribed Meloxicam jabs. One per day for 3 days and I felt really good. The warm summer also helped joint but unfortunately I also SLE (lupus) and allergic to the sum - came up in a rash and blisters - I couldn't win. I will be asking my rheumy nurse in the UK about Meloxicam.

    Hope you can get your meds sorted it out and start to feel at least a bit better without so much tummy problems.

    Good luck xxxxxxx

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    Are you on folic acid? That is ment to help with some of the Mxt side effects...
  • pluggathome
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    Hi guys, thanks for your responses.

    chile168, I refused mtx for a while too but was running out of options. The steroids were making me wired so had to bring the dose down but take something else to try and get arther under control.

    stlucia, yep, I'm on folic acid too.

    I don't get any of the sickness or feeling sick, just tummy pains like razor blades and/or someone is trying to replace my left hip without the anesthetic and then the obvious!

    Definately going to explore the jab option. Seeing doc on thurs.

    I am the frustrated/v unhappy/well cheesed off point at the mo and the doc has signed me off. I am getting very good at scrabble though....

    Has anyone else found on mtx that they cannot have a drink without problems. Even teeny tiny drink,not enough to get an ant merry.....


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