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I have inflammatory arthritis and my rheumatologist said he doesn't want to label me without being 100 percent confident with the diagnosis. Although, at my last appt, he said he feels it's probably RA and I'm being treated as if it is. I'm meant to be having some blood tests and on one of the forms, he testing for HLA B27 and it says "spondyloarthropathy". Is that not connected to the spine or is it another word for the type of arthritis I have? I have no spinal involvment - just in my hands, wrists, feet and ankles. On the other blood test form, he wrote "inflammatory arthrtis". It's not a huge deal but I was a bit confused!

Thanks in advance. :)


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    hi can not help but wanted to get this to the top where some one will see it who can help i do not know what type i have either it bit anoying but only a name and treatment often the same lol good luck
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    Spondyloarthropathy is a form of inflammatory arthritis, usually sero negative ( not having a positive rheumatoid factor in your blood).
    There are a number of conditions known as the spondyloarthropathies and hopefully your rheumy will be able to give you a definite diagnosis in time.
    It's quite a complicated issue to explain so I won't attempt it as someone else has already done it much better !
    The following links will get you to reliable, 'patient friendly' information on it. The first one is a few years old but still current.
    Hope this helps
    Best wishes
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    Thank you so much. :D
    The "spondy" bit confused me because I thought it was to do with the spine and I don't have arthritis of the spine.