Crystals/Semi Precious Stones

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Following on from the 'moon' thread, I thought I'd start off this one. I know that some crystals and stones have meanings and power, but it's a long time since I read up anything on the subject.

All I can remember now is that amethysts are said to prevent ' unwise passions and drunkenness' and that rose quartz is called the 'cuddle' stone.

I'm an opal girl myself, it's my birthstone and I've always preferred it to the sparkly type stones. My daughter is amethyst mad, which is probably why I remembered it's meaning. She has a red amethyst for her engagement ring.

Anybody else got any thoughts or knowledge to share?



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    Hi Annie,
    I don't know too much except that I have had a piece of rose quartz for about 7 years now. It is polished and in the shape of a heart. You are meant to keep it with you at all times and it wards off ill health.
    It hasn't worked so far but there is a lot of me to work ON.
    Steph x
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    I have a book on crystals and there are some for arhtritis, so of course I bought, couldn't tell you the names off hand, but I think it's fair to say that they haven't worked. I also have rose quartz but maybe I need bucketloads for them to work!!

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    Wat about diamonds they may not have healing properties but they are a lovely present to get !!

    Jan, that is really intresting about your daughter. How long has she been a white witch?

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    Mine would have to be Uranium if that's allowed? :mrgreen: :roll:
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    What made her do that Jan, anything particular?


    I know what you are talking about but cannot remember the names. I will though and let you know.