Memorial Service

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I have just heard from Bill, Trish's husband.

He has asked me to let everyone know that the service went so very well, it was beautiful and just the way Trish had planned it.
The weather co-operated too, warmer, no rain and a little sun for them.

Trish is sleeping now and it is hoped (might be a faint hope knowing Trish) that she will sleep for some hours.

I will let you all know if I hear anything further.



  • barbara12
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    Aw I am so glad it went well for Trish, she is such a brave lady, I hope she gets some sleep now, bless her and Bill.
    Barbara xxx
  • chris7
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    Bless you Annie for this thread.

    I have just got in from work and have been thinking of them all day.
    Bless Bill for his messages. I am so grateful Trish managed to get there and hope they gained a little comfort both at the service with family and friends, and knowing that we were all there with them in spirit.
    Trish please sleep now and get well soon, we hope you will feel well enough to join us again in a day or two.
    god bless you both.
    Chris xxx
  • bertyboy
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    glad all went well for them both x sleep and rest will be good xxxx
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
  • angel1
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    Thank you Annie, they have been on my mind all day.

    Just when you think that Trish couldn`t get any more thoughtful, she surprises you all over again. She knew it was my Frank`s birthday this coming Friday, and asked me if she could light a candle, and have him mentioned today. What a lady..........Ange.
  • Wonkylegs
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    Thanks so much for letting us know.

    It is good to know that the day was a positive one even though for such a sad reason.

    much love to Trisher & Bill
  • minky67
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    my thoughts are with you both.
    Trisher i hope you have managed to rest now.
    Im sorry ive not been around much & have only just caught up with the forums.
    Take care luv (((()))) for you both.
    luv debs
  • valval
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    thanks annie was thinking of her glad she is resting was worried she would over do it
  • pheebs
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    Been thinking about Trish and Bill today. Hope they both get some rest now.

    Love Pheebs x
  • skezier
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    Hi Annie,

    Thanks for saying and bless Bill for letting you know. I really hope she will get some sleep now. x

    Trish and Bill gad it went well and ((( ))) Cris x
  • joyful164
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    I'm so glad it all went well. I to have been thinking about the service hoping that it wasn't raining there like it has been here.

    Glad Tricia is getting some rest. This must have been on her mind for a long time, worrying about it. You can never get over losing a son especially like this.

    Thanks Annie for passing on the message.

  • annebr
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    I am glad it went well for Trish and Bill. It must have been a long hard day for them. I found myself thinking about them today and how brave they both are.

    I hope they are getting some well deserved rest.

    Love to them both.

    Anne xx
  • joanlawson
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    I have only just caught up with this, after receiving a PM from Trisher. My heart goes out to Trisher and Bill.