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Could you help please,

Is there any pain relief other than the ones that make you feel like u are on cloud 9 or sleeping!!!

I have not been put on any meds as yet as they still need to find out other things and what to get it right first. I am in so much pain, I have volerol and co-codamol or tramilidle (sorry spelling) so painful as cant take full dose due to needing to work etc as tablets make me sleepy etc.

Can you advise



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    Hello Claire
    Unfortunately any of the painkillers which are opioid in origin like Tramedol and anything codeine based can make you sleepy & 'spaced out'. Paracetamol and the anti-inflammatories like Voltarol are much less likely to do this.
    You say you are still having investigations and I do hope you get a definite diagnosis soon and start on some long term medication which will reduce the need for so many painkillers.
    Have a look at our booklet 'Coping with Pain' on our website. It talks about relaxation and distraction techniques that you can use as part of your pain management.
    I see from your other posting that you are trying to work which cannot be easy. Have a look at what I and other people have said there about your rights under the DDA. If you are sick, you are sick and need time off and looking after your health is the most important thing right now.
    If you want to talk things through with one of us do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes
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    I have had the same problem...
    Try different timings of taking the painkillers...I worked out that as soon as I took them I felt..'spaced out'..but an hour later I felt a lot better....Also make sure you are eating properly as I cant take any on an empty stomach...
    Hopefully you will get used to them and I must say they have been very effective for me whilst in work...
    I work with RA and have had struggles with work( hopefully now resolved..) and i'd be more then happy to help you if you need any advice...
    Hope this helps,
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    Hi, thank you so much. My GP has just spoken to the consultant and I have been diagnosed with IA but they are hurrying the tests along to see what medication I will need, as this could be RA. They have also signed me off 2 weeks sick, which will mean I will be given an oral warning and probably a written warning. The consultant has also changed my medication to Naproxen, paracetamol and Tramidile in the evenings.

    I feel a little better with just haven spoken to someone about it. It is very tempting to give up work at the moment, with having 2 young children under 4 and doing an MA as I am always so very tired and in pain.

    Being on here 2 helps lots as you guys really understand how difficult it can be. My hubby normally really understanding and supportive, I recon he is really worried but doesnt know how to express it. Thanks anyway for all what u have done xxxxx :wink:
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    Dont give up :shock: ....
    I felt just like you...I have 2 sons and a disabled Mum...and I must admit I felt just like you...
    IA will prob be treated like RA( i think????)...and you are just at the very start of treatment...
    Before I was diagnoised...( and it took a year..) as well as all the pain , I had extreme fatigue...and felt like I had flu....
    Once I got to see a Rumy..I finally began to see light at the end of the tunnel....I got leaflets, asked questions, got support...I remember leaving after my first visit and bursting into tears because i realised that it ' wasnt all in my head' and I wasnt 'lazy' I was living with a long term condition and everything i was experiencing was 'normal'...
    You will prob start on a DMARD drug, which will slow down the condition and help with the inflammation....these should help and if they dont there are plenty of others :) BUT you have to be patient..these drugs take quite a while to get into your system( usually months )
    :( But its a start and you will be monitored and getting support..all of which you need... :!: under the DDA you are allowed to be off sick whilst medication works..imagine you broke your wouldnt expect to work untill it was healed...its the same for you..but you need time for your medication to work instead of waiting for a bone to mend...I dont know who you work for but if you can give me an indication of size of company and job you do I will be able to give you better advice...But dont give up 6 months time you could be a lot better and will be kicking yourself for we all know its difficult to get a job at all these days..I feel for you..Take care
    Kay xx