Hi everyone

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Hi everyone,

I have just become a new member and hope to find information/support and help, and to offer any if I can.

When I see the problems that other people have said they suffer from I feel a bit of wimp.

I have arthritis in both shoulders and the wear and tear my neck which is"down to my age" so I have been told.
What would be good is to sleep through the night once without waking up for once without hurting so if anyone has a magical cure I would love to hear it.

At present I am having physio on my neck and shoulders and live in hope, however I have been down this path before.
Have also bought a TENS machine to try to help just trying to find where to place the pads and what settings for the best results.

Anyway just wanted to say hello


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    Hi Malc
    Welcome to the forum.You can ask any specific questions on the LWA thread.there are lots of neck sufferers and we are all trying to find the answer for a good nights sleep.That question is ongoing....Anyway join us on the chitchat forum too.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Macl

    Nice to see another new face, so a warm welcome from me.

    You might find many peeps with the same as you, I have the neck going on.

    We offer support and advice and in time you will be doing the same.

    We also go on the CChat Forum, where we tend to relax and have fun.

    Many of us on there are a little mad, but we have a lot of laughs, that is what counts.

    Trish xx
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    Hi Malc,

    Just wanted to express a warm welcome :)

    Eve x
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    Hi Malc

    I only joined the forum this week whilst off work - seems to be a really good idea to share experiences and know the people you are communicating with actually can really understand how you feel!!

    Hope you enjoy logging in and chatting - have a good weekend..

    Hazel x
  • malc7747
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    Thanks everyone for you kind replies.

    I will certainly drop into the into the chat room and have a good look in all areas of the forum.

    Its Saturday and football time.I Have to make sure I have my hand warmers/thermals/wooley hat/two coats/scarf and two pairs of socks oh yes and my seat warmer, its a wonder I can walk.

    I wish everyone a good weekend.

    Malc :):)
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    Hello Malc
    There is no way you are a wimp
    We all need some help and advice sometimes, or just a chat in the cafe. Have a laugh or two.

    We discuss sleeping issues, how to get comfortable

    Have you ever tried a TENs machine? You can get them from Lloyds Chemist andif you log on to their site you can read all about them and what they do. I bought two on offer for £20 and I find them brilliant to use. The do help the pain so long as you fit the pads in the right places.
    If you go on Living with Arthritis page you can learn quite a lot there too.
    The Helpline Team can help with many issues andif you are not clear about any advice someone has given you. Always good to check with them and your GP. e.g you can always ask your GP if he thinks the TENs machine are alright for your condition.

    Glad to have you on board and hope to see you in the cafe sometime. We need some more 'faces ' in there

  • malc7747
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    Hi Joy,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I keep on posting on the forum at the moment trying to find answers, and have been into the Cafe and when i manage to find a good joke I will pass it on.

    I did try the speech facilty on my laptop last night so I didn't have to type, some one got fed up of me speaking into the microphone so its the good old fingers for me.

    I have thought of learning to touch type but I have always looked at the keyboard and it might be to late but I will have a go.


    Take care


    PS. Just ordered the Alexander technique DVD so looking forward to trying that when it arrives.
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    Hi Malc
    Think I jsut saw you on the LWA too :)
    Good to meet you :)
    I am not too brillliant with my tens either :roll: So wish you luck with that and the physio too :wink:
    Look forward to seeing you more
    Toni x
  • malc7747
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    Hi Toni,

    Nice to meet you too. :)

    Have tried my TENS but haven't found the right setting yet for me, so I will just keep going and trying different settings.
    Been to physio twice and though she would have a magic wand to wave over me, sadly she doesn't.

    Find its nice just to find people who (sadly) have aches and pains like me.

    I am in work at present but find the Forums are like a big magnet and I keep nipping in and having a look

    Take care and see you around

  • frogmorton
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    Hi Malc

    I tend to use mine and manually turn it up and down (tens!). I have the thing quite high I think to feel much effect.

    You stay at work asd long as you can - it's good for you :wink:

    When I first joined Elna warned me it was addictive the is sie and :oops: I think it is :!:

    Take care

    Toni x
  • malc7747
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    Hi Toni

    I am at work at the moment having my lunch break :D .

    Tried my Tens machine last night on a low setting for 20 minutes then turned it up looked like I was muscle building as my muscles went up and down.:D Might not get rid of the pain but I will look like I work out :D

    Its a POSH one with heated pads and cost me an arm and a leg, well £29 from LLoyds though I have seen then on sale for nearly £200. I an not sure what you get for that price over mine unless its more control.

    Take care and have a great weekend.

    PS. Football on Saturday with my Grandson
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    Hi Malc

    Sorry it's a bit of a belated welcome from me, but nice to see you posting only sorry you had to join us.
    Get you! and your posh Tens machine, mine is the bog standard one but does help at times. Hope you do find it helpful and that the physio helps too. Everyone on here will try and help answer any questions you have or send a hug if they can't so do jump in anywhere.
    take care, keep warm at the football tomorrow.

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