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Just a line to say hi, Im 59 with a stroke all down the rh side so i cant use any of it,and ive got arthritus in the neck and my left arm has got myalga (or something like that) but hey im still living and smilling and looking for some tips.


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    Hi Ron,
    Glad your still smiling. Welcome to the forum.You will be able to get advice on the LWA thread and can join in the chit chat forum if you need advice on anything else or want to debate or a laugh.
    take care
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    Hi Ron,
    A very warm welcome to this forum, I am 59 also (well nearly 60) I have OA, you have come to the right site, they are a lovely lot.
    We have a moan, ask questions, and best of all come on the chit chat and have a laugh, hope tosee you posting more soon.
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Ron,

    Just wanted to express a WARM WELCOME :) .

    Love x

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    Hi Ron

    A big welcome from me.

    We do try and support one another and answer questions. You will generally have peeps that have the same arthur as you.

    We also like to relax and have some light hearted fun on the CChat Forum.

    Hope to see you posting soon

    Trish xx
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    Hello Ron

    You certainly have a lot to contend with at the moment, but glad to have you on board.

    You should find a lot of friends on here with similar probs, but with regards to the Stroke, that is really bad luck. In that instance the Occupational Therapist is the only link betweek Arthritis and Stroke, because she is there to help us get about, invent ways of coping in the home and getting about issues.

    I do hope you don't have too many problems that way.
    With regards to the problems with your arms and shoulders, was the name Polymyalgeria Rheumatics mentioned maybe?
    I have that problem and one or two others have it too. There is another Web Site for this problem.

    If you go on to the Living with Arthritis site, we can have a longer chat aout it.