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Hi everyone
I had been off work for nearly 7 months due to two operations but because I was taken off all my medications my RA really flared up which caused me to be off work even longer.
HR agreed on a Phased return to work, I work full time, they said the first 2 weeks 9-12, then 9-3 and when I feel ready to go back full time as long as it didn't go on for months. I have to work alternate Saturday's all day too but nothing was written in stone about my Saturday's as yet. 2 weeks ago I returned to work, the first week working 9-1, then because I started to feel guilty about how much time I had off, I said I'd do 9-3 the next week. Yesterday I said that as from next week I'd go back full time which they seemed pleased about. We had discussed that I would start my Saturdays as from next Sat. This morning I got a call from another manager saying that I was meant to be working this Saturday. I told her what had been agreed but here I am feeling so guilty, should I ring up and say I'll go in, I really don't like letting people down but feel as though I've made an effort by saying that I'd go back full time earlier than what I should. I just wish that I didn't feel so guilty and could just say that it's their mistake from getting their wires crossed. What would you do, do you think I've done the right thing?



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    Steady on there!! :shock:

    NO don't feel guilty.
    I know nothing about phased returns but this sounds the quickest phased return in history! and I wonder if you are maybe doing too much too soon?
    Definately don't feel sorry about the Saturday today, you have agreed to alternative ones which start next week. Sorry if this is a wrong guess but is this retail? In my experience they can be so demanding and assume no one has a life!
    You don't say how you are feeling healthwise back at work and I do hope you are coping with it. Please don't let them put too much pressure on you and definately do not feel guilty.
    Let us know how you get on.
    take care
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    Hi lovehearts,

    Makes me so angry that employers do that! Chris is right you have nothing to feel guilty about.

    Hun you have had 2 operations and should be resting. It's difficult enough to recover from one and you have good health, even more difficult to recover when you got arthritis and flare ups.

    They should not be pressurising you to return. You have more than a legitimate reason for being off work and they should know better.

    Eve x
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    Lovehearts I agree with the others. You are doing an awful lot very soon after returning to work. I returned to work before Christmas and spent 6 weeks doing phased return. I'm still not up to my regular hours and am using my annual leave to make them up. I think you need to balance your return to work with how it affects you and if you do too much too soon you may become ill again.
    Bye for now
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    i to feel you r rushing things just being back is helping them there r lots of kids wanting saterday jobs so they could always employ some of them if they r short of staff if you rush it you will be bad again and off again so take your time and remind your self you should not feel guilty i know it hard to do but you have to be strong or they will walk all over you do you get a day off in the week if it your sat or do you have to work 6 days which is a lot to do with arther
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    Im currently on a phased return...8 weeks of it....starting at 12 hours then 20, 24 then 30....
    Who set yours?..mine was done by occupational health and a very dim view would be taken if all parties dont stick to it.....
    If you had a relapse because you worked more hours then suggested it wouldnt be good for anyone..
    Ask to see the report and then tell them( nicely :shock: ) you want to stick to it...
    Good luck

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