Am I entitled to dla or any sort of help,,,,my story.

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Hello All
First of all I want to say hello and its really great to see so many people so understanding and willing to help.
I am Mike I am 41 and last year, I was told I had osteoarthritis in my lower back and that I have 2 bulging discs.
A couple months ago I found I have it in both knees(left one is bad) my right hip and my right wrist,I am also awaiting blood tests to tell me if I have R.A aswell.
Most of the time I manage ok,my wife is a great help,but some things I really struggle with,like walking.I cand walk 500 yards without having to sit down,my camping chair is great!!Mornings are a chore too,buy we cope and eventually get moving.
My doctor was rubbish and I found him very unhelpful,I have a new doc now and he is great,I even have an appointment with a Rhummy nurse with a view to giving different pain relief,great news for me.
I am slightly over weight too so I know thats where I am to start,to help mange the pain.
I am a self employed taxi driver and to make ends meet I normally have to work 10 to 12 hours a day.I know sitting down all day 6 days a week is not good,so if I was to cut my hours down would I qualify for DLA.I cant keep working long hours sat on my backside,as I feel this is part of my problem.I am at present looking at different options in buying a new taxi,with a higher driving and seating position,to help.
Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Mike,

    Firstly welcome and glad you found this forum as people are willing to support, answer questions, share tips and have a laugh too :)

    If you are having difficulties with daily tasks as you mention then you should claim DLA. DLA is not means tested and glad you have found a good doctor as they can support your application. I do warn you the forms are horrendous so if you can get someone to help you fill it in like someone from CAB then do as they are or should be clued up on disabilities. Your wife will be of great use as she will have noticed certain changes in you, meaning how you did certain things and how you do them now. My reason for saying that is because I just adapted to do things differently without realising until the family told me.

    From what you have said I say go for it, you have nothing to lose. Make sure you put everything in the form you can think of and don't just give one word answers as they will only come back asking for more info. CAB can also tell you what else you may be entitled.

    Good luck


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