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Hiya, I have suffered with inflammatory arthritis in my knees for almost two years now. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and am finding every day life increasingly difficult... Stairs were bad enough before the pregnancy as was bathing as i dont have a shower.. Has anyone any advice as to what i can do?

Paula xx


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    Hiya Paula
    Ooh, sounds like you need some help ASAP. You are entitled to an assessment of your needs at home by an Occupational Therapist from Social Services who will advise (and often provide) aids and equipment to help you manage at home. Ring your Social Services and ask them. You can usually self refer but, if any problems, ask your GP or midwife to help speed things up.
    Talk to your midwife anyway and ask what you should be doing at this stage of your pregnancy to look after your general health and mobility. I expect she will advise you not to put on any extra weight especially with arthritis in your knees.
    You don't say if you have any support at home. Is there anyone around who can help and support you now and after your baby is born?
    I know there are lots of young mums on these forums. If you put a posting on the 'Living with Arthritis' site which gets more views, I'm sure they'll respond to you with their experiences of how they manage.
    If you want to talk things through with one of us on the Helpline, do ring us on the freephone number.
    Best wishes
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    Hello Paula,
    Just wanted to say , a very warm welcome to this forum, I do hope you get all the help you need.
    We are all very supportive on this forum, so if you need to talk we are always here for you.
    Come on the chitchat when you feel like it you will get to know everyone.
    You take care
    Barbara xx
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    Hi Paula

    Welcome and congratulations! I am sorry you are suffering so, though. Wheatbags (heated in microwave) are very comforting when placed/wrapped around the knees and ice can be beneficial, too if your knees tend to swell up.

    Please join us on the other zones. Living with Arthritis is the place to ask questions of members and also to glean information and the chitchat zone is frivolous and fun, should that rock your boat. :wink::lol:

    Look forward to seeing your name around the forum. :D

    Elna x
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