external DVD drive, or not?

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can you down load the drivers lots are available on the net to down load straight on with out having to have cd/dvd drive worth looking at web sight for camera you have got


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    Hi all

    I'm debating whether or not I need an external DVD drive for my netbook.

    Probably the only thing I would use it for is to load software for my camera and things onto the netbook. However, is there another way to do this? I've read about drivers for hardware - do they mean software? Lynn xxxx
    Hardware is the actual netbook itself or camera or printer, etc. Software are the programs that run on the hardware. So, a CD drive is hardware and WinXP is software.

    Drivers are short software programs that your netbook needs to enable hardware, such as cameras, printers, etc. to talk to your netbook. These usually come on a CD, but are also very often available online for download.

    Sometimes hardware is designated, 'plug and play', this means that basic drivers are already on your netbook and if not then the netbook will try to find them online when you plug it into the USB port.

    Not all CD external drives will read DVDs, so you need to check the specifications if you want it to read DVDs as well.

    Hope that this helps.

    Joseph 8)