dla doctors report a joke

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hi to everyone .i have not been posting any mes due to moving house just recently,just to add to the stress of this appeal with my daughters lauren .i had asked for doctor to come out which he did and made an absolute contradiction of the med report which i now have a copy of,only 4 wks after requesting it ,basically he said that she could walk but not without severe pain and discomfort and would have to stop,when he asked her what help she needed from me she told him,washing ,dressing ,cutting up food u know the stuff u need to do with your own kids,then on one of the pages he ticked all the boxes that said she could do all this wothout anyones help,he has made a big mistake and i have noted it in the appeal form which i have just sent back to them,i also said i did not feel he was specialist in this field,i am not a happy bunny at all,so now i am waiting for another dec maker to look at it to give me another decision,before we go to tribunal,was at clinic last week and they r taking her in march for some more steroids at hospital,will let u know how it goes,i am going to keep fighting although i do feel like giving up as he has made me look like a fraud with his report love to u all lorraine and lauren x


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    they really piss me off people like that. I mean how haed is it to tick the right frigging box on a form???
    I know there are a lot of people who claim when they do not need it but when we r claiming for our kids for a painfull and debilitating illness you think they would give us a break. I mean we have enough on our plates and enought things to fight without having to fight with them for not doing their job!!!
    I really hope that you get this sorted out soon hun x x x :x
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    Omg Hun I so feel for you hugs. Had a similar experience with my husband and a dr's visit even to the point of being wrong about being left or right handed :o we ended up going tribunal and won but it's such a long hard fight for something we shouldn't have to. Thankfully for my daughter the consultant report from the hospital was enough.

    I so hope you can get all thus sorted will the hospital help at all and write another letter for you might be worth asking. I hope this horrible weather isn't affecting your daughter to much hugs stay strong and I wish you lots of good luck. Xxx