Steroid Tablets versus Steroid Injection

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Hi, I am waiting to hear from the rheumy nurse as to whether I can have a short course of steroids to help ease the severe flare I'm in at the moment.I took them for just one month last year with great results.She said it may be possible for me to go back on them for a 'quick fix' or more likely,a steroid jab in the bottom.Can you tell me what the difference is between the short course of tablets and the one injection?The steroid shoulder injection I had done just over two weeks ago didn't help at all.This time the flare is in the ankles,knees,hands,wrists,arms,shoulder and neck. Thank you. Breane.


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    Hi Breane
    The only difference between the steroid jab and tablets will be that the effect of the jab should be quicker than the tablets. I'm sorry your injection into the shoulder didn't work, it might be an idea to mention this to the nurse before you have the next injection. Technically the injection into the joint should have worked even faster without giving the side effects that tablets do i.e. Moonface. I hope that helps.

    Best wishes