What jobs can I possibly do? Where to go from here?

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First off I have arthritis in my wrist, and (I think) in my shoulder, although the shoulder hasn't been diagnosed.

As of the 28th of this month I will be unemployed. Its through choice though, I handed in my notice on the 10th because I simply cant cope with working there when I'm in so much pain. I know this is going to sound completely lazy to those of you who would love to have a job/ be earning money, and you cant because of your arthritis, but I cant manage working there anymore, I am determined to get a job that I will enjoy, I've been in my current job for nearly five years, its a small family-run newsagent/ off-licence, and they've been supportive to a point, like getting the other staff to lift things for me, but I've been feeling useless and like I have no right to rely on others to do my job when they have their own work to do, and the ones that I work with get paid less than me (due to them being younger)

I've had every tom, dick, and harry, including my family, telling me to find a new job first and then hand in my notice, but I'm at the point where I just cant see what job I can do that wont make my wrist hurt. Even typing this is making it hurt!
My mum seems to support my decision to leave my job, have a small break then start job hunting, but I'm really worried about talking to my dad ( I live at home)

I know I have pretty much ranted but my question is what jobs can I possibly do, something that I am going to enjoy, not a dead-end job, but something that has a future in it. I'm only 23 and I already feel like my life is screwed up.


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    at 23 you have all your life ahead of you i know your dad will be disapointed but you do know how much pain you are in not him. go back to education teachers assistant or such like do not know what type of education you have but do not give up on your self could you not do less hours and get some training at same time as you will get no money for a while if you have just left your job. good luck on what ever you decide
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    go and see a careers advisor who specilises helping people with chronic conditions

    maybe the DEA at your local job centre
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    I can totally get where you are coming from as I am really thinking about giving up work.
    I am a mum of 2 young children (under 4) and I worked full time and my emplyer had to reduce my hours to 20 hours a week. This would be ok if it was in the day but its 4-8pm and I dind my RA gets worse in the morning and in the evening. At the moment I have had a horrible flare up and I am in the process of being diagnosed and finding out what joints are damaged before putting me on medication so I am feeling the pain at the mo and can't really cope much.
    I am also doing an Masters at uni and I have had to take time out of this too for a bit. The rest is really doing me good though and being able to concentrate on getting better is doing me such a big favour and feeling much better emotionally.
    Hope you are ok and if you want some time out, just do it. You deserve it.

    Love Claire
    xx :)
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    Hi Rach,

    Making the decision to leave your job I'm sure wasn't easy but it sounds as though you have struggled with what you felt was the right thing for you to do just now.......and when all is said and done that's all that any of us can do!

    Others have made good suggestions about advice from careers, further ed, DEA etc so I won't add to that, just urge you to take time to look at all options and have faith in yourself!

    Please be reassured that you are not at the end of your working life......far from it! having arther is not what any of us want, and it can at times feel overwhelming... but once you have a clear idea of what the limitations are you will then find what job suits you best.
    There are a host of things you can do, it's just deciding what to do next and when....

    Try speaking to your dad and tell him exactly what your worries are and how you feel. If you need to talk things through first why not phone our helpline? (number at the top of the page) it can really help to speak to them!

    I am concerned though, that you are in significant pain? and, from what you've said, perhaps have not had the extent of the arthritis fully diagnosed..
    Made me wonder whether you are getting enough support and medication? perhaps you could also use the time between jobs to get your meds etc. sorted out?

    Let us know what you decide.....good luck! Irisx
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    Iris and everybody else has pointed out some really valid issues for you to look at so I won't reiterate these.

    I would like to say tho that actually you can do anything you put your mind to....it just might mean that you have to take an alternative path to get there with RA

    Taking a break to reassess your situation and get meds etc sorted out is a good idea and can be more difficult than many people understand.

    I was 19 when I was diagnosed and I have RA everywhere except my spine....I’m now 31 , I have 3 university degrees and I am an associate director and architect in a architectural practice
    I’m not gonna lie to you it was bloody hard work getting here and at some points I thought why am I bothering but i’m here now and it was worth it (its still hard work but thats the nature of the job...and it can be very rewarding too)

    My recommendation is take some time out to get you’re condition a bit more under control and whilst your doing this look at what you would like to do and how you could achieve this...there are plenty of places you can go for support...use them , they will know what assistance you can get and how to get it. I took a year out of university (the hardest decision i’d ever had to make at that point in my life) and talked to the university disability service, the local council, a disability support service etc whilst i got myself together. It just meant I took a bit longer to qualify.
    Look at things you enjoy....you need to do something in life that is an incentive to get out of bed on the bad days. Look at training – there is a lot of support for getting young people into jobs via training and even more if you have a disability it just means researching how you get the support (1st step & easiest step .....google)

    Getting your condition under better control is not always easy but bug your drs until they help you, its worth the slog as it makes life more bearable...it took many combinations and trial and error to get me on the right drugs but life is now much easier

    I could go on forever here but I won’t because i don’t want to bore you but if you want help with anything or have any questions please feel free to send me a message
    You have a lot of life ahead of you don’t give up now
    Good luck and let us know how you get on
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    You should never ever make yourself redundant especially not these days.You will find it difficult to get benefits etc.Always wait to be finished by a company.
    However you should register for ESA/jobseekers and i wish you good luck in trying to find work.
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    i've just had a quick look online and found one or two things that may be of help .....
    Look at the Directgov website - there is a section called WorkPath which looks like it could be a good place to start looking
    also look at this government website - http://careersadvice.direct.gov.uk/helpandadvice/supdis/
    and this one is an Australian gov one ...the detail is all for austrailian but the general guidance applies here too http://pubsites.uws.edu.au/ndco/employment NDCO/career.htm
    I would also look google SKILL the national bureau for students with disabilities.....even if you don't want to go down the further education route they still might have some useful pointers

    hope that helps
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    Reading through the posts you have been given lots of great advice.

    As to your original question - what job can I do? Look at it from a different angle. If you didn't have arther what would you LIKE to do? What are you interests and strengths? If you are feeling too down to answer this question honestly (sometimes it is harder to see our own good points) then ask friends and famiy. Then start thinking how you could make this career possible ... adaptions you might need, a job similiar/ in the same field to your ideal job ...

    Even use the time off to do a bit of voluntary work in different places to see what type of working environment you enjoy/ would wish to avoid with a barge pole!!

    Good luck,

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    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't commented in a while. Here's the update, although its not very interesting. I'm now unemployed, job hunting, and waiting for a letter/phone call to sort out an appointment for injections in my wrist. My physio told me 2-3 weeks wait, and its now been about 5 weeks so its getting on my nerves. I just want some magical cure for the OA in my wrist, but I doubt thats even possible. I feel like I cant get anywhere or get a new job until I get some help for the pain, I feel like I'm in limbo. Ain't life grand! :?

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice ((hugs))
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    rach1986 wrote:
    My physio told me 2-3 weeks wait, and its now been about 5 weeks so its getting on my nerves.

    Hi Rach

    can i just suggest that if you've been waiting a bit too long call and enquire whats .... sometimes a gentle nudge can work wonders :wink:
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    Hi rach!

    I agree with Chrissie....don't wait for a call from physio about the wrist injections. ...you- phone- them!

    If you know where you will go to get the injections..out patients clinic, hospital day ward, wherever....phone THEM and ask if your name is on the list. That way you will find out immediately without the 'middle man'. Also if you explain that you are in a lot of a pain they can bring the appointment forward. The key is to take control Rach. No one will shoot you down for phoning and most will help as much as they can if they know how bad it is (but you have to tell them).

    My wrists are my worst problem just now too...so I know how it affects everything you do or want to do. I also know that change can only happen if we take action. If pain in your wrists is the barrier to you moving on in your life..then take action to change it..if injections help, then insist that you get them...and don't accept anything less.

    you feel stuck just now but it will get better. honest.x

    Iris x
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    i gave up a job becaus eof my arthritis when I was your age. Here's my advice: don't view yourself as a jobseeker with arthritis. View yourself in terms of your ABILITIES and not your disabilities. So, you know you don't want a job with alot of lifting and handling. In your heart of hearts, what do you wnat to do? Ask yourself this and you'll find a way.

    I trained as an opera singer and as told at 22 that the fusion in my neck meant I'd never have a classical career, so I wne tinto a totally different field. I spent 10 years in jobs that weren't my dream, until one day a friend pointed out to me that just cos I wasn't going to be setting Covent Garden alight didn't mean I had to give up on the whjole thing. I wrote and recorded 2 CDs of my own music, something I might never have done if I'd followed the career path I wanted. I am now doign a business course to set up my own voice consultation and bespoke music composition company. I'm sure it won't make me rich, but I'm gonna be happy. And guess what? Cos I have arthritis I can claim Employment Support Allowance for being self-employed!

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