where would I find a welfare rights worker?

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Title says it all really. I've asked the local council without success as no one knows what I'm on about and I've asked CAB but they said ask the council.
I've got my ESA tribunal coming up (when they eventually send me a date!) and would appreciate any help I can get!



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    phone the helpline number on this page for local details
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    I got mine from the childrens sure start program most childrens centres have welfare rights attached to them to help with benfits etc. They would also be in the yellow pages. joanne
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    They are all over. Try your local youth advice centre and they could tell you were the nearest one is. DIAC, maybe they could help you.

    Hope this helps

    Claire xxxxxxx
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    Here in Northamptonshire, you go along to the Council and you have to make an appointment. All the personel in the reception at our Local Council Offices are trained to go through your queries and forms and problems and then if they cannot advise you they will make the appt with the Welfare Rights Adviser.

    Inother words, the trained staff at the Council will assess if you meet the criteria to access any benefits, thus saving a lot of time wasters taking up the Welfare Rights Advisor's time as use to happen previously. This is because the Council pays for the Welfare Rights Officer who only works part time, usually 10 - 12 ea day, and her salary costs far more than a receptionist (because she has the name Officer in her title)

    When I was working for Care Management I was aware of all the meetings over the years and trials which took place for the 'One Stop Shops', which was part of the Council's Reception Service. Too complicated to explain, but the outcome of hundreds of meetings, some of which I attended, was this. It's called bureaucracy

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    i new to all this, what is a walfare rights worker and what do they do?

    i asked my local council and no one seems to know either, the best anyone could suggest is to contacting the c.a.b.

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    hi i my have the answer to the question to what this post is about.

    i been to the local c.a.b as found the answer so here it is quite simple when you know what it is.

    the welfare rights adviser tells you what you are intitled to and helps you claim it and make sure you get it and does all the hard work for you, the writing the posting the photocopy of the form and if necessary they take to the tribunal for you, its great if you get someone who cares so very rare these days.

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