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Hello, had my first Enbrel injection last week, my joints are so much better after one injection, very surprised. BUT

My ribs feel like they have been kicked by a horse, is this a side effect of the drug or could it be something else.
I am so hopeing that its not the drug because of the good results i have had????? I cannot remember the last time that i got out of bed with no stiffness AMAZING

Regards Gill


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    Hi Gill

    I can not answer the issue in relation to feeling like being kicked by a horse, but I do know the feeling of Enbrel almost feeling like a miracle!!! I too felt that - first time in 10 years I felt full of life and forgot I had RA. I hope the feeling lasts for you. I guess my best advice would be would to be to have a word with your nurse specialist re your possible side effect of the ribs....

    So funny (no not funny ha ha) but how these medications work so differently on each individual.. what suits one is terrible for another, it really is try it and see.

    Hope all goes well - good luck.

    Hazel x
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    Hello Gill
    I'm pleased to hear Enbrel is working so well for you.
    I've searched the information we have here on Enbrel and abdominal pain is mentioned as a possible side effect but nothing that would match the feeling you are describing in your ribs.
    As this is your first dose, check in with your rheumy team.
    Best wishes
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    Hello, thanks for the replys. Went to my GP and he looked in his book, and there are side effects, which effect the area which hurts and is getting worse,

    He advised to stop the injections until he can fine if it is the injections or not!!! Had a blood test

    Its such a shame because they seem to work so well Life is a B****