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I have been laid up for five weeks with a nasty flare up. Whilst trying to while away the hours watching TV I had a thought, Have you ever noticed the adverts on TV for either holidays, attractions or areas to visit focus on able bodied people they never tell you that they are accessable for disabled people. Or include disabled people in the footage of the advert. :? :? :? :? :?

Aren't we expected to want to visit these places or attractions ????????????????????????????????????

Excuse me but we have a life and want to join in things and visit places etc.etc....... :cry:


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    Hi toptottie you should post this on the chit chat forum!, it's a good thread rehab would have a field day with it.
    Also in TV land there are hardly any old people and there's also never any trafic on the roads in car adds all except the box they want to sell you that is. :roll:
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    Yes i often noticed this myself or perhaps they just want to discourage the disabled as it may cause embarrasment to the 'norms' :x
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    All the ads for mobility products are all aimed at the older age group too?

    I'm not ageist (I'm heading for 50) but it would be nice for once to mix up the ages on these things a bit? Make them 'friendlier'?

    Imagine a 20yr old using the stair lift (sad for them true, but if you could just change peoples minds of how you are soupposed to look)?

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