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hi everybody i wonder if anybody else has this problem when i go for blood test every month and my rummy nurse phones with the results she says everything is fine and my blood results are good.So why am i still in pain cannot walk very far and my wrists and hands are very sore it makes me feel as though i am making it up i have sever RA .
hope you are all keeping well.



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    hi laurence, I asked my consultant exactly the same thing last week. He said the steroids/mtx would mask the results so they are not accurate for detecting inflammation. Doesn't make sense to me either but he saw synovitis (as he called it) in my wrist and some of my finger joints and gave me a systemic steroid inject. He wouldn't have done that if he didn't believe what I was saying or what he was seeing. So, it's still a mystery to me.
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    I havread a lot about people with similar issue. However, the doctors see so many people and probably with very similar situations to you.
    I was ill ast week, had a terrible chest infection and a very vsible swelling on back of hip, however he sent me for bloods and they all came back normal. As someone said above, when you go for the routine bloods checks they dont necessarily check for certain things such as inflammation as the routine ones are usually to ensure that the DMARDs we are taking are not interferring with the blood count etc.
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    Hi Laurence,I am in the same position as you.My last blood tests were fine and my Das score was very good yet I am still in a lot of pain in the hands,wrists,knees,shoulder and neck, in fact today I go to my GP's surgery and the nurse is going to give me a steroid injection in the bottom!!.Had one in the shoulder three weeks ago but it didn't work.I'm asuming bloods tests were good because they must show the Dmards are working but the anti inflammatories can't be working properly due to the pain I'm still having. :( I will ask the nurse about it when I see her today. Breane.
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    Hi Bev

    who knows??

    No-one does really i think.

    This seems to happen to people all the time - see the other thread which refers to it too :roll:

    Hope you are ok though


    Toni xx
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    Hi Laurence

    I have a book that I leave with the nurse at the surgery and she fills it in with the blood results and then returns it to me, so that I can keep a check on my results.

    When your nurse phones next blood test, ask her what the ESR and CRP levels were showing and if they are high, that means your inflammation levels are high too, hence the pain I would imagine.
    If they are low, then you need to find out what is causing the pain.

    I do find that at the rheumy clinic they generally say your bloods are ok and thats when I had a CRP of 145 :roll: which is extremely high.

    Hope you arent too bad today.


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