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I had my first post op physio appointment yesterday all gong fine. Knee bend up to 100 was 80 when i left hospital. Was told i still have to use my crutches though :( (i am walking without them in the house). Next physio app is not until the 5March, so i think i will have a go at walking around the garden without crutches. Will let you know how it goes. Hope you all have a good day love from Dee xx


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    well just take it steady and dont over do it xx s i hear thats no good x
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    Hi Dee,

    Instead of walking round the garden without them, can you either take a walking stick for the first few times or even have someone walking at the side of you in case you should stumble?

    Try not to rush things ....I know you're eager to get on.

    Luv Legs :)
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    Hi Dee,

    Well done you but just echoing the others and go careful. Cris x
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    Hi Dee

    All good news :D Well done with the knee bend. Hopefully mine will have improved when I go to my second post op physio tomorrow. My first one was 2 weeks ago. I have during that time mastered going up and down the stairs, "the proper way", albeit it slowly and carefully. :D

    If you can walk outside on the flat I see no reason why you cannot give it a whirl if you feel confident enough. :) We sometimes know a little more about ourselves than the physio :wink: and if you are not going back until 5 March you do not have to go out there immediately do you.....?

    I would suggest carrying a walking aid in your hand. That is what I did the first time out. It is kind of comforting to know that it is to hand should you need it..... which you more than likely will not but best be safe than sorry. If someone is around to accompany you, the more the merrier !!

    Enjoy your day,

    Elna x
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    I dont get post op physio....I was sent home from hosp after the usual 3 days with a list of do myself..I'm not doing them as often as I should....If I had a few physio appts I would do them more often I'm sure. You're a couple of weeks ahead of me aren't you Dee......I'm 2 weeks post op tomorrow....due to get my clips out tomorrow. I'm walking with one stick in the house...Was told 6 weeks and then go to 1 stick for a while. I havent been out much cause of snow and ice etc.
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    Hi Eileen,

    don't let unenthusiatic and disinterested physios put you off!! Do your exercises - the hip will work so much better for you if the muscles are functioning at their best. Try and work them into your routine. Doing the exercises now is critical. Read the other op threads. AND remind me of my own advice when I have my hip done in the next few months!!


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