being diagnosed with athritis

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hello my name is jackie,ive recently been diagnosed with having 4 arthritisis and very fed up about it,my gp has told me that i will end up in a wheelchair,i do keep myself motivated as much as i can but the problems i have is that i cant sit for too long and i cant stand for too long either ,its a pain :( ive only just started to use a computer,which is great but i do go stiff around my joints,is there anyone who can help me more.


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    Hi Jackie

    Welcome to the forum.
    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis (x4)

    I am a bit shocked about your GP saying you
    will be in a wheelchair.
    I actually think he/she is out of order and insensitive.

    There are so many things that can help you, have you
    see a rheumatologist yet , and then there is physio and
    occupational therapy that can help a lot, besides of course
    the medicines available these days.

    Dont despair,
    also you could phone the helpline here
    on Arthritis care, they have invaluable help and info.

    Let us know how you go on

    by the way I have RA, OA and some kinds of spondiloarthropy in my spine and have just had a hip replacement and I can say that everything can be beaten - mostly.

    Take care
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    I think your GP is out of order saying you will end up in a wheelchair. What arthritis has the gp told you you have as in my experience even the rheumtologist cannt give me a definate name for mine and jsut calls it inflammatory arthritis. For your GP to be so specific already is not good practice (in my opinion).
    You should be referred to a rheumatology dept who will tell you exactly what may / may not actually happne.
    I have a spondyloarthropathy and although is very painful to walk and even sit somedays I have never once been told I will end up in a wheelchair.
    The medications these days are so far advanced that there is no reason to ever accept that you will be wheelchair bound.
    You should complain about your GP!!
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    Hi Jackie

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear your recent diagnosis but your gp is well out of order to say what he did. You are not alone with medics turning around and saying things without thinking. Some of them have absolutely no bedside manner at all.

    Good for you for starting to use the computer. You will not feel alone now that you have found us and we will help and support you all we can, like we do to everyone on here.

    There is help out there for you and you can be referred to a pain clinic, physio, occupational therapist, acupuncture, consultant, rheumatologist. There are some good pain meds out there too which help.

    Chin up, please call in as often as you wish, there is always someone here who will try to help.

    There is also the helpline who are a band of absolutely wonderful people who give you all the time you need and help as much as they can.

    Elna x
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    Hi Jackie,

    I'm glad you found the site they are a good lot here. Your gp is out of order but they they do tend to say stupid things sometimes. Long ago an old one told me the same and so far he has been very wrong so just don't listen!

    Its a huge shock and takes a bit of time to get your head round it all so don't be too hard on yourself as yet. I also wonder has you gp done the useful things like refer you to a rumo or for x-rays? Also what tablets have you been given? Sorry I am annoyed for you here :wink: I think they could be doing far more than they are to help you and I promise you no-one can see the future so they don't know and should never have said it.

    As the others said there is a lot of help out there and I also think you might really benefit from calling the Helpline people cus they are very good, kind and can reassure you that there is a real hope and you still have a future. You take care and just forget that was said. Cris x
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    Hi Jackie,

    I am so sorry that you have been diagnoised with 4 kinds and I am sorry that the Dr said what they said.

    I am learning quickly that sometimes GP's and other consultants say things and really they dont know much about it.

    I would ask to speak to a Rhummy and see what they say. People on here keep saying as soon as the meds start life might be a lot different.

    What have they diagnosed you with??

    Hope you are feeling a little better and chat soon
    xxxxxxx Claire xxxxxx
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    Hi Jackie sorry to hear you have been diagnose with 4 types of arthur your dr had no right to say you will end up in a wheel chair. I can't really say moore than what all the others have said to you its really good advice. This is a wonderfull site and there is allways someone here to talk too, take care
    julie x
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    To cutieclaire,u wanted to know what arthritis i have,well this is a mouth full i can tell u,here we go genetic oesteoarthritis,rhumatoid,inflammatory and psoriatric arthropathy,i told u it was a mouth full.
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    Hi Wombat

    Good to meeet you - sorry about the diagnois though :(

    You keep going - that's my opinion - at least as much as you can :) the computer is a godsend isn't it?

    You keep talking untill you get your head round it all and get your meds straight.

    I look forwrad to seeing you around the forums - lots of wonderful support and advice here :)

    Take care


    Toni xx
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    Hi Wombat,

    Welcome from me as well.... thats a lot to get your head round and I am sorry you got that. This lot are very good and tis a wonderful place to get help, support or a lark around. Take care Cris

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