Struggling to make friends at college feeling very isolated

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I am 16 and have had OA, fibromyalgia, and nerve pain since i was seven developing CFS and chronic daily headaches from when i was about 11, i am doing geography, physics, maths, biology and critical thinking a levels at college, and i am just feeling very isolated from everyone else, as i do struggle to do the same things as they do, and even struggle to get to college sometimes with the pain. Just wondering if any of you have dealt with this and what you did to maybe just distract yourself.
Any help would be appreciated



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    hi hun i can fully understand where you are coming from. I suffer from a painfull illness which made it hard at college and uni. The best advice I can give you is to contact the student union, they usually have different social groups, involve yourself as much as you can in their activities, and through that you may gain a wider curcle of friends.
    I know it is hard especially when u find things so strange and different from others of your own age. Another suggestion is to maybe stick to a select few close friends suggesting activites such as cinema or going out for a coffee, activites you feel happy doing.
    overall if someone is your friend they will be there for you no matter how ill you feel. I know it can be hard, but it can be done!
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    Hey Rebecca :lol:

    I know how your feeling, when I started college I felt exactly the same. I found it hard to talk to people and make friends as I felt I had nothing in common. Also I didn't want to feel different to them so I didn't tell them about my arthritis. Worst mistake ever.
    My advice would be to just to drop it into a convo with someone you feel you will get along with. No need to make a big thing about it but just so their aware. Then they will understand when your not able to go somewhere or do something at a specific time. But most of the time people will listen and be helpful when they can if their not then their not worthy of being a freind. :wink:
    Another advice would be to just do things when you can, don't rush you have a whole 2 years.
    & finally just be yourself once people see you, your have no problem making friends.

    Good luck, and write back if you want :D Steh x
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    hi rebecca,

    you have been given some great advice.

    be honest, but none of your conditions are you. just say you can get tired a lot, adn have a lot of pain adn have to be slow.

    laugh about it, if you can, adn as they all say, if they are any good as a person they will take you adn help you. don't worry about being differnet. we are all different, that's waht makes you you :)

    and we are here in any way we can help.

    keep well