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I've been to see the rheummy today, I saw his registrar, she asked my lots of questions and about how the pain started, all the illnesses I've had in the past, any rashes or sun sensitivity (which I do get when its really hot). Asked for the list of my medications and after that she asked about my mygrianes. Then she asked if I had any other illnesses.

Then she examined me fully and asked about any family illnesses. She found my spine was bent slightly and asked if I had exercises for it, and if I really did them! :oops: Well, I do quite often. :oops: She smiled, and said that I really must or it would get worse. She didn't think it was inflammatory arthritis but she will look at my neck scan and other xrays in case she could see anything and then talk to her consultant and might well send me an appointment for a whole body scan and x-rays. She also mentioned ultra sound as an option, but said we'd talk about that later! She said my pain and the look of my joints is consistant with OA and she may decide to inject them all!! :shock:

She said that my job may have made things worse and thinks my tiredness is due to stress and doing too much at home! She said that 'We women don't count the housework we do as proper work'
She said that I should 'pace myself more'. :lol: I don't know what my husband will say!!! :lol:

She'll ring if she finds anything that points towards inflammatory arthritis, so I can start treatment straight away. She also said that I must take paracetamol as well as tramadol! :shock: I'll rattle!

I have to see the orthetics dept as I have flat feet :? :lol: I also had more bloods taken.

I don't think I could fault her. She seemed to know what I'd say before I said it. I have to go and talk to my GP, in a few weeks, she said to go over what I have to do. I have an appointment with her in six months.

Gosh, I'm so tired now! I feel as if I've been through the mill!

Well I thought I'd just tell you how things are at the moment.

Love Sue


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    Hi Sue.

    I am so glad you have actually seen someone so thorougher and in the know! I really hope it will help you in every way cus its about time! Good luck with the results and the joint injections.... mine dose there ad then and they are not so bad as you know and often bring huge help. I would rather have mine in one hit really cus its over and done with :wink: I am glad you got a good one and she has really had a good look at you. Luv and good luck for all the results Cris x
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    Hi Sue


    Bet you are exhausted.

    I am so glad she gave you such a thorough going over and even has some treatment ideas already. I hope the xrays and scans are sooner rather than later.

    FLAT FEET??? No I dont picture you with flat feet :shock:

    HEY... do what she said - rest up a bit :wink:


    Toni xx

    PS I will tell your hubby for you :wink:
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    Hi Sue

    Not surprised you are feeling tired out.

    Glad it went well for you though.
    The appointment and examination seemed
    really thorough.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Now that its officially doctor's orders - take it steady.

    Love Kath
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    Hi, Thank you for the replies.

    Although I've never really thought about it, my feet may well be flat! They are the most horrible feet anyone could have, with huge bunions and the toe nails... Yuk... :lol: No, I'm afraid its a family thing, horrible feet run in our family!!! :shock: :lol: So do bad jokes!!

    Love Sue
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    hi Sue, glad you had a good appointment. She seems very thorough from what you say. Good if you haven't got inflammatory arthritis - wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy - well, might....... :lol:
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    Hi Sue, so glad it was a satisfactory appointment........she sounded really good! Do hope you haven't got the inflammatory type as well as the OA, but at least you know you will have confirmation and treatment early if you have, which makes things so much easier.

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    Hi Sue
    Glad you have had this appointment. She only emphasised a lot of issues that have been aware of for ages now, except the flat feet.
    Did she suggest you see a podiatrist? I thought you already had appt with podiatrist.
    With a bit of luck he or she can help sort that problem out, which in turn, will help your back.
    How does this reflect on your ESA now?
    I'm glad that your have had a positive appointment. It's great when you get someone who is on the same wavelength as yourself and it will be interesting after you have had your scans.
    Still waiting to get the results of mine taken last Monday. Should get letter any day now.
    OK, now remember PACE yourself. Perhaps you ought to make a programme out or diary of your tasks for the week :lol: ask Jerry to make one out for you maybe :?: :lol:

    from Joy
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    its wonderful when someone takes the time to listen to you. I'm so glad you feel that you are finally getting things sorted. Best of Luck and you take good care of yourself. Feet up, OK!
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    Hi thanks again everyone. I haven't seen the podotrist yet I have an appointment next week. As far as the ESA goes, I'm not sure, but it certainly makes the medical report look even more rubbish! The things that their doctor found as normal are quite abnormal and the muscle waistage and use of upper arms that was found normal, have a lot of weakness and not only do I struggle to lift up my arms, I should try not to do.

    The orginal OA is still their along with the spinal problem which, hopefully won't need surgery, but might need fusing, the rheummy said that the exercises must be really a major part of my routine and must be always! I'm just hoping now, that they don't find any infammatory arthur, but they will keep checking. She said the ultrasound is good for that and can sometimes show it when the bloods don't. They seem to believe in going in hard with drugs, if they do find anything.

    It was funny, I didn't think much of her when I first went in, as she hardly let me sit down before the questions started, but she answered all the things I was going to ask before I had a chance to say anything! Then sat and told me what she thought and said if I wanted to discuss it more, she would be sending a report to my GP, and we could go through it together.

    I had to laugh when she asked me which part of my body to start on, what was giving me the most trouble. Hands, I think, although they still work a bit, they are painful and weak, I want them to keep working!

    Fingers crossed that things are going to be given proper treatment. I always fight better when I know what I'm up against!

    Lots of love Sue xxx

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