anti- depressants and mucle pain

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Last year i had two total hip replacements which cosiderably reduced the pain of walking etc. Last week saw my gp as have been very tired and having a considerable amount of pain the muscels of my left leg. My anti depressants were increased. Since then, the pain in the mucle of left hip has considerably decreased and instead of feeling 'tight' feel more normal.

Has anyone else experienced this :?: :)


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    Hi Border,

    I am glad its eased off for you there. I don't take them but a lot have the ones beginning with an A that I can never remember the name of to help with spasm in the muscle and I think pain as well. I just pleased you have found something that helped and my pain clinic says about them from time to time so maybe I should give them ago? Take care Cris
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    Maybe the are also acting as a muscle relaxant??? some do


    long may it last :D


    Toni xx
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    Hi Border

    Quite a lot of peeps on here are give Amytriptilene to help with muscle pain and lack of sleep, however, the doc told me that its original use was as an anti depressant, so maybe what you've been given has the same effect.

    B x
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    Many thanks, I now know that I am not imageing the decrease pain and the ability to walk further. It is a good feeling. :)

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