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    thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much Trisher for starting this and to everyone for your good wishes and messages.

    I am speechless - thank you so much.

    Today was a good send-off for someone taken so suddenly.
    We expected a crowd, but were not prepared for the 250ish people who were there :shock: which really showed how much he was thought about.

    It was a great help to know that so many of you were with us .... and i have to be honest that I could hear you all telling me to take things easy too :wink: during the day.

    I'll post more later, but just wanted you all to know how much it means.

    love and hugs
    Wonky xxx
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    wonky sorry to hear this .you will be in our thoughts take care, try to rest as much as you can . we r here when you want us (((hugs))) to help you through
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    Glad it went well, rest up now and doesn't take much emotion and stress to set off a pace yourself for a few days.

  • trisher
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    Hi Wonky

    Glad to know that all went well for you. We have been thinking of you.

    Now, you try and take it easy, to help that nerve and arm.

    You know where we are, and will still support you for a change. A big ((((())))for you.

    Love Trish xxxx
  • skezier
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    Hi Wonky,

    Glad it went ok and hope your bones will soon quieten for you. Luv and slurps and (((( )))) Cris xx
  • dachshund
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    Hi Wonky.
    i'm so sorry to read of your loss.
    i have only just seen this
    its so sad but at least they are in no pain now.
    take care. joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    hello wonky, so sorry for you loss, i only just saw this, i'm struggling to see new posts for some reason. but i hope you are ok?
    sue x
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    My deep condolences wonky, I have only just come across this post so I apologies for the delay.