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i passed this on in all good faith and if it makes just one person think about their own security with bank cards and giving out personal info then its worth passing on far tomany people let their guard down :shock:


  • snowball
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    I agree with you Bertboy it has made me think and i have told my family and friends, thankyou.
  • skezier
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    Hi Berty,

    I just read it and there are so many scams out there and people like me are stupid enough to walk into them. I got a huge hit of stuff on the pc the other night just cus I stupidly opened an email, most people would have had more sense than to open it but.. so its good to be reminded to be a bit careful. Hope your ok there? Cris x
  • valval
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    hi it good to remind people to watch out people r for ever phoning and then expecting you to give them information to them to check you r who you say you r well i tell them for security reasons i never give information over the phone to some one who phones me i do not know who they r it does upset them but tough they phoned me just tell them to put it in writting and send it they do not like this at all
  • angel1
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    When someone is compassionate enough to think of others, regardless of the end results, then I take my hat of to them.

    Well done BertyGIRL.........Ange.
  • frogmorton
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    I support you too Berty

    Thanks anyway

    I will still be extra careful


    Toni x
  • bertyboy
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    thank you all xxxxxx
  • chris7
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    You were trying to help so don't worry. It certainly sounded like the sort of scam that does unfortunately happen. It was good of you to warn us.
    take care
  • dolittle
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    Don't be worrying, Berty. It's good to be reminded to be careful what we're doing when people ask for information.

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