chest infection and PsA

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Can you tell me if having a chest infection can make arthur worse?

I have an infection and I have RA, OA and PsA.

Until now I have never sufferd from any skin problems, but since I have got this infection I have flaking skin in my ears and around them.

As fast as I wipe it away it keeps coming back. The skin on my face near my ears has become rough to touch and I use moisturiser but it does not help.

Thank You



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    Hi Trish,

    Just leaving you a (((((((((( )))))))))) Cris xx
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    Hi Trish, I get the flaky skin behind my ears sometimes. Have you tried vaseline, that sometimes helps to moisten the area & act as a barrier.
    My face also gets dry for that i exfoliate 3x a week.Gets rid of all the dead skin, then moisturise it.
    I read in the paper this week that Joan collins uses Vaseline & baby oils for moisturising, shes kept young on it ah!!she wont & never has used the expensive stuff that forced down our throats.

    I have had quite a few nasty infections that leave nasty scabs up my nose & around my face, the only thing that works is vaseline, even the gp recommended it as nothing else worked.

    Im proberbly no use to you at all with that but worth a thought.
    I hope the infection clears up really soon as youve had more than your fair share of troubles to contend with.
    sending you ((((())))) debs
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    Hi Trisher
    Having any kind of infection can make your symptoms feel worse. Your body usually has enough to contend with without fighting infection as well.
    You say you have PsA so could this skin problem be psoriasis - just a thought. Might be worth checking with your GP as you might need some special cream or lotion.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Val

    Thank you for your reply also Cris and Debs.

    The hospital dianosed that I have ra/oa and the psa. I know I have also got a lot more medical problems as well.

    I have also been in much more pain with arther as well.

    I will ask but when I have had copies of the letters that they send to the doctor it names everything but not that on any of them.

    Thanks you for your answer though.