Jogging with RA

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Before I was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago, I was a keen runner taking part in marathons half marathons and numerous 10k runs.
I gave up excercise completely putting on weight and generally becoming lazy. Fortunately after attending a well-man clinic I was given a free gym/swimming pass and have re-discovered my love of excercise.
I'm on a multiple drug regime and quite honestly feel quite good at the moment.
What I'd love to know is ; Does anyone with RA go jogging? Is it safe?


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    Hi Philip,

    Nice to meet you. I think you might be better off with just exercises for a while cus jogging is high impact and I would run it past your Rumo before trying it. Good luck though and take care Cris
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    Hiya and welcome,

    As has been said, jogging is high impact so might not be the best form of exercise. Swimming or the exercise bike might be better.

    Pleased to hear you are doing well on your meds.

    Lois x
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    Hi there

    Pleased to hear that you are feeling good at the moment and long may that last for you. I would have thought that if the RA is in your legs/ankles or feet it would probably not be good long term to be jogging too much.

    The free Gym/Swimming pass sounds good though. Swimming is meant to be a much kinder sport than running and if you feel well then probably using most of the machines at the gym would be ok.

    I wish you well,

    Elna x
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    It's tough luck if you have to give up something you love doing, but jogging is too much of a shock to joints that need protecting. Not unusual for joggers to get these probs. You only need the wrong shoes or ones that have worn down too much

    Swimming is a wonderful sport, but at the moment I can't do it because of my neck. I am unable to swim with my head down and the back stroke is a bit antisocial in our crowded pool.
    Good luck with everything and if you have to start medication to stop the arthritis, you may find yourself doing a bit of walking and some running perhaps. never know.
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    Hi Phillip,

    I have RA and I used to enjoy the gym and loved playing squash. Unfortunately I can't do either now so admire you for doing it.

    RA has affected my feet and I can't run at all - wish I could though as I would love to get into the squashed court and take out my anger on that ball :lol:

    Good luck with the running but make sure you don't over do it.

    Love x

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    If you love running then personally I think you should try it. The worst thing that can happen is you get a flare up and in pain. If you dont get pain then fab. I know personally that exercise it what keeps me 'sane'. I find it a good stress releiver and personally find swimming not challenging enough for me. I too am keen runner and have ran several half amrathons and 10ks. I stopped because I am waiting for a knee op but I know when it is healed I'll be back running again as the benefits far outweigh the negatives.
    Be careful, start off slowly and a short distance and build up very slowly. By building up the distance and pace very slowly it will be easier to know your limits.
    Try jogging at a comfortbale pace and dont stride out and push yourself too much too soon.
    My advice is coming from eprsonal experience, maybe not the best to give this advice as I am constantly having pain and stiuffness at the moment, what I do know is when I do manage a circuit session or some sort of exercise the feeling afterwards is fab.
    Good luck

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