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I emailed my friend in America in the week to arrange meeting her whilst on holiday. She sent an email back saying she didn't know if she could make it as her Husband had just got back from Haiti.
Apparantly when the earthquake hit my friend and her husband were at a medical conference (he is a podiatry surgeon and she is his office manager). Well during the conference volunteers were asked for to go out to Haiti and help in which ever way they could. Steve didn't hesitate and went as soon as he possibly could. Whilst out there he performed many surgeries including many amputations on children. He also performed an operation to help a 3 year old boy who had a very bad club foot. Steve knew that it would take many ops to correct the foot properly and was worried because he thought this just wouldn't get done. The boys father asked Steve to adopt the child and take him back to America with him. Because of all the chaos Steve couldn't and has felt guilty ever since for leaving the child behind. So much so he has decided to go back again soon to do at least one more procedure for the boy.
Sue says that although Steve is physically over the trip emotionally he isn't as has said that this has put things into perspective and so they are having a family holiday during some of my time in America.
As much as I will miss seeing my friend of over 35 years I think they are right to have this time for themselves and their children. I feel very humble and it suddenly makes the fiver I sent to the appeal seem pretty insignificant. I thank God for people like Steve and for their skills and selflessness in a time of great need.


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    How terrible for a father to be so desperate that he asked for his son to be adopted. A story like this really brings home the suffering of the people.
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    Hi Kate

    Bless your friend for doing what he could for many of those people and for making a big difference to the life of that little boy. I hope he does find some peace after the horror and some comfort from the things he was able to contribute.
    take care
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    I too hope he manages to make peace with himself knowing he helped to the best of his ability.