so what do you do???????

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Phew, thats better................:)

So, what do you do when you need to scream and shout????

I've been known to clean the oven/car, do something vigorous.......even eat some chocolate!

8) Its a grin, honest!


  • woodbon
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    My cure is not a very good one, I start eating, and I tell myself I deserve to have a treat, as I feel so frustrated and tomorrow I'll go back to being good and eating properley, but tomorrow dosn't come! :wink:
    Love Sue
  • wibberley
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    I get some fresh air.

    The dog thinks all his birthdays have come at once when I'm in a bad mood as I'm always taking him for a walk!
  • page35
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    BANG a few doors, the neighbours love me.
  • jaspercat
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    Hi Airwave, I get a lumpy pillow and punch it like mad, always make me feel better love Jaspercatxx
  • sharmaine
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    I get grumpy, say what I need to say then hide somewhere and have a good cry!

  • valval
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    play bejeweled on fb keeps mind ocupied and eat chocolate :lol:
  • zechariah
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    I go out in my wheelchair and push a couple of miles to let the steam off!
  • skezier
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    Hi Airwave,

    I go out and do some work while sky ranting and some times I have been known to use a fence pounder and sky rant as well but am having trouble lifting it now a days so at leas I clean out the chickens chuntering and giving the powers that be something to think about :wink: Cris x
  • ritwren
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    I come on here or bake or sometimes go out to my garden. :)
  • bailey27
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    go shopping - take it out on the plastic -courtesy of OH who will pay the bill.
  • tkachev
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    Hi Airwave,

    Do lots of housework and tidy up! Usually talk to myself at the same time.

    Never be bullied into silence.
    Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
    Accept no ones definition of your life

    Define yourself........

    Harvey Fierstein
  • bubbles
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    Eat maltesers until the roof of my mouth is numb. :D Well, they say it is the lighter way to enjoy chocolate, so therefore you can eat ten times as many. Big bags, of course, the ones for sharing, but if anyone went near them, I would whallop them with my stick. Chocolate and sharing does not sit well in my book.
    XX Aidan (still known as Bubbles).
  • speedalong
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    I moan/rant to someone or via text/email if no one about, listen to loud music in car/on ipod or get engrossed in a job that needs doing. And if I'm fed up rather than mad I eat chocolate!

    I have had OA since mid twenties. It affects my hips and knees. I had a THR on the left aged 30 and now have a resurface-replacement on the right - done May 2010.
  • dippydoodah
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    I clean! My hubby always knows Im having a 'moment' when Im furiously cleaning the house, pain or no pain it keeps my mind occupied :lol: