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Hi, I have a bit of a problem, I have completely lost confidence in my Rheumatologist, I have really bad pains in my hands, my ESR has been rising for several months, I am on MXT injections which in my opinion don't work for me anymore. She writes to my gp and says that it is hard to get permission for Anti-tnfs which she says I need, I can't even bear to see her now, on top of everything else she treats my husband as though he dosen't exist.

Do I have the right under the patients charter to ask for a second opinion? this seems to be the step that I may have to take, thanks in advance for your answer love Jaspercatxx


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    Hello Jaspercat, this sounds frustrating and not helpful. Its seems that your rheumatologist does have an understanding then that your arthritis is not being controlled by Methotrexate and feels anti- TNFs is an option for you as they have told your GP this.

    You can ask your GP whether they will be able to organise a second opinion for you. You can also ask to speak to the senior rheumatologist at the hospital or maybe speaking to the rheumatology clinic nurses may help.

    Also the Patient Liaison Services or PALS at your hospital are available where they can help with confidential advice and support. You can find this information out at the following link:

    Also the Patients Association maybe useful to you:

    You can always give us a call on the helpline if you want to talk things through.
    Best wishes