Meth injections

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Hi just to let you know I started on the injections a few weeks ago and feel sooooooo much better, I hate doing injections and have a few bruises but worth it.Got an appt with a consultent too . :D:D:D


  • elnafinn
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    Hi Jo

    Well done you! Good news that you feel so much better on the injections. Practice will make perfect. I hope your appointment goes well with your consultant.

    Take care
    Elna x
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    jo that is great news ...... well done cos I know how hard it is to self-inject.

    It is great that they are helping you - I hope that continues for you.
    as for the bruises ... better them than the arthur eh? :wink:

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    hi - each week it will get eaiser!! its quite hard to start with but as you do it each time you will be more comfortable and have less brusing!! glad its working for you aswel - makes a big difference!!


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