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Hi :D

I was just wondering if there is any help out there finacial towards the costs of pescriptions. Im 17 at the moment and in full-time education but Im worried once I leave I will have to start paying. I have systemic JIA so if I don't have my medication it could be fatal. Which as I beleive is the same as diabetics yet they get their costs of their pescriptions covered (So they should) but as its very similar shouldn't I as well :S

I have heard of a pescription card ?!? Which lasts a year and is about £110. But is this is all thats available ? As Im student this is quite a large sum of money to be paying.
Any suggestions would be great, thank you Steph.


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    Hello Steph, thanks for your posting. I understand you concerns, prescription charges are something that we campaign about as it can make things incredibly difficult financially for people that need their medication to stay well.

    The following link takes you to NHS prescription costs and gives you a good break down on who is entitled to free prescriptions and what else there is available. There is information on getting the Prescription Pain Certificate (PPC) which is the prescription card that you mentioned:

    We do have lots of information for young people with arthritis on our website that may help at the following link:
    I hope this helps.
    Best wishes